2015. Class One Company Culture

Class One , Our company culture, innovate. In Class One , we say that the future is our present.

Since its formation in 1992, our objectives have always been to innovate, that has always motivated us, that is why Class One is a fundamentally technical company and I must admit that commercially we have not been at the level that we should be.

Since 2013, we have set another milestone for ourselves, and for this we have wanted to anticipate the computing of tomorrow. We have dedicated more than 2 years to research and development to implement a new way of working, to achieve this goal we set out to do it with a prototype, a model, however as we have never wished our efforts were wasted, we wanted this prototype to be a real system. This is the origin of StarPL Restaurant 4.0

It has needed a different team of Computer Engineers to give us new life, and bring their young vision to old solutions. I thank you, you have fulfilled your task and even you have / we have surpassed it.

We have relied on Free tools, modifying them, expanding them, remaking them, creating them, but as long as they do not imply any economic cost, neither for our developers, nor for the end customer.

We have made a different software, easily expandable / modifiable, with very low maintenance costs, on a very solid base and using 100% independent 4-layer technology.

Technology in 4 layers

  • Data Layer . You can choose any SQL Database, existing in the market, by default we have implemented MySQL
  • Business Layer . Actually, when doing a re-platforming, all the business rules we needed were already defined. For StarPL, the starting point was an application that has been in operation since 1993, and this will be the case with the next ones that we will soon launch.
  • Web Layer . With this we achieve independence of operating systems, devices -responsive software (from any device), locations (from anywhere), user training (anyone), and we can access at any time.
  • Client Layer . We are in a new era, the client must be integrated into the systems as one more part. The actors have changed and that is what we have demanded of our software

Our first product is already on the street, and to think that what we wanted was to simply make a prototype to investigate a new way of working, developing, analyzing, managing, …, we have simply already begun the re-platforming of the rest of our applications (we have made the first one, we have 12 pending). Each application is always a new challenge, it is true that the business rules are sufficiently known, however when incorporating the new actors, different ideas of behavior always arise, that from Class One , we hope to continue surprising our Clients environment.

In Class One , where innovation is our reason for being, without which we could not continue, as CEO of the Group of Companies Class One , I am satisfied with the young and new team that is part of this rebirth, of this new computing, where the future is our present .

 Javier Sabariz Torre

Presidente & CEO Grupo Class One