2015. Integration with Orbitz

In December 2014, we began the integration with Orbitz, being liberalized in June 2015, this delay has been motivated by issues of signature protocol, as it is not Class One a traditional Channel Manager. We thank Joe Segui Regional Director Southern Europe, Orbitz Worldwide, for his involvement in the solution, as well as Caroline Ingram of the Chicago legal department for their understanding. when it comes to understanding the direct operation of communication between Hotel and Orbitz.

Naming Orbitz is naming one of the largest and most prestigious OTAs in the world.

Through this new communication protocol it is possible to export Inventories (Availability and Rates) directly from the PMS, as well as automatically collect Reservations made through the Web.

Availability and Rates Update:

      • Established quotas and Prices per day for the different Rooms, although a Room Type in the PMS may mean different Room Types in the OTA (Standard Double, Sea View Double, Ground Floor Double, etc., being able to increase or decrease the prices in percentage terms, depending on the Type of Room)
      • Days of Minimum Stay, maximum stay. Release Control
      • Closing dates, and CTA (Close To Arrival), CTD (Close To Departure)
      • The possibility of scheduling the update is enabled so that it is carried out automatically (normally, every day at dawn, although it can be configured according to the needs of the Hotel). On the other hand, there is also the manual option that sends the data to the OTA at the time the user decides. The average time of an update for a whole year, both in the automatic and manual cases, is less than one minute.

Reception of Reservations:

      • The Reservation made through Orbitz is loaded directly into the PMS (the existence of new Reservations sends them directly at the time Orbitz is produced to our Seven Stars system).
      • A check is made of the prior existence in the PMS of each of the Reserves recovered, as well as the modifications made to them.
      • After receiving each Reservation, a printout of the data associated with it is made (as well as an email is sent to the Head of Accommodations). In this way, the Hotel will perceive that a new Reservation has been loaded into its Computer Systems
      • Quota and Booking update automatically

Communication Tools:

    • Following the new trends for the optimization of communication between the Hotel and the OTA, direct access from the PMS to the master and transactional values ​​of: Hotel Avail Get RQ, Hotel Room Rate Plan Get RS, Reservation has been implemented Summary RQ, Reservation Details RQ, without the need to resort to Orbitz’s own EXTRANET. In this way, the Hotel will be able, in a simple way, to obtain all the relevant information for the communication configuration.
From Class One we would like to emphasize that it has been a real pleasure working with the Orbit team in Chicago, led by Mary Wall Hotel Operations Analyst • Orbitz Worldwide, in perfect collaboration, solving all kinds of doubts to bring this protocol to fruition.