2015. Restaurant 4.0 Andorra a taula    

Where the future is the present

UHA has selected Class One , as a technological partner to celebrate the ninth day of Andorran cuisine, which It will be held from October 9 to November 8, 2015.

Class One , provides the technology of its StarPL Restaurant 2.0 Reservation Center. Previously, all the Restaurants that are going to participate in these days have been registered, with their corresponding schedules (booking), as well as a brief description of the menu they offer.

Users who participate in “ andorra a taula “, will be able to reserve from their mobile phone, the restaurant where they want to taste the delicacy of it, for the day and time they want.

They can also make an assessment of each restaurant.

We wish to thank the Director of the UHA, Mr. Oscar Julián Puyalto , for the confidence shown and for being our most important supporter in this event.

Customer role.

For the selection of the Restaurant to which the diners are going to decide to taste the menus, there are a series of tools that facilitate this decision:

  • Location map of each restaurant, so through geolocation systems they will decide which restaurant they should go to.
  • Limitation by price of the menus.
  • Rating system: according to the different ratings that the guests themselves have made, they may decide to go to the most highly rated one.
  • Restaurant kitchen style.
  • Display of the tasting menus of each restaurant.
  • Search by name, address, town, …

Role: Restaurant object of the Reserve

In the event that they do not have the internal system for the StarPL Restaurant 4.0 restaurant:

  • You will receive an email with all the information about it.
  • You can consult all the reservations that have been made to you
  • You will be able to consult the data of those clients who have booked in your Restaurant.

and for those restaurants that have decided on the StarPL Restaurant 2.0 comprehensive system, all this information and much more is dealt with directly.

See explanations of the system in other sections of our Web Site.

We wish to thank the Government of Andorra, in the figure of the Minister of Tourism and the Environment M.I. Mr. Francesc Camp, for the technological trust that you have entrusted to us and we hope that we will develop new projects in common of our technology and R + D + i development