2015. StarPL (Restaurant 4.0)

The Applications for Restaurant Management that can be found in the Market, are limited to offering a solution for the Business, remaining unaffected by the changes in the Sector. These shortcomings are especially important today and also the reason that most software solutions no longer work.

As a consequence of globalization and, above all, of the latest technological advances, there are new players in the market that play an increasingly important role in the business and must be taken into account by the computer solution used by the restaurant. Customers are not just looking for a culinary experience, but they also expect it to go hand in hand with the technology they use every day.

Class One has worked for the past three years to fill these gaps. Although the previous version of StarPL has worked successfully in numerous Clients, in 2014 a new project was launched taking into account the latest technologies in the Sector (integration with other platforms, mobility, exploitation in Cloud mode …). The new version of our product, named Restaurant 4.0, is the result of this project.

These are the main features of this product:  
    • Four-layer technology (Data, Business Rules, Web, Client) carry the 4 A’s (AnyOne, AnyTime, AnyWhere, AnyDevice)
    • Business Rules developed over 25 years of experience (and continually improved to support the latest market changes). The Intervention Control suite represents one of the main points to take into account (Daily Activity Reports, Global reports of dish profitability, profitability vs. popularity, Fraud control, Seasonality, control of loyal customers, control of tables, etc.). The reporting system is so powerful that it allows obtaining data as precise as the average price of the cover on rainy days with temperatures between 15 ° and 25 °.
    • Business Intelligence functionalities of immediate response, which allow taking instantaneous measures, at the precise moment. If at a table one of the clients of the Restaurant has ordered a wine with a price higher than a threshold, an SMS will be sent immediately to the manager on duty, so they will know immediately that there is someone special in their restaurant.
    • Direct integration with the Restaurant, from any mobile device with a browser, which allows a customer to call the waiter, obtain her invoice immediately, pre-order dishes, evaluate her food, share that she has visited the restaurant on the networks. social. In addition, the functionality can be integrated with Social Networks, in addition to maintaining customer loyalty programs.
    • The client will be able to connect from the outside with the restaurant through geolocation services. You can check promotional codes and bonuses as well as make new reservations, publish information on RRSS, etc.
    • All the information that the system registers through the previous functionalities allows the Program to have a powerful CRM module.
    • Home delivery and Room Service
    • Payment by various methods (including credit cards, PayPal, bitcoins, etc.) or different currencies (in addition to points from loyalty programs).