2015. Why StarPOS Restaurant 4.0?

Until today, the applications of and for restaurants, what they provided was a solution for business management, today it is insufficient. There are new players in the sector, globalization has its consequences, customers no longer only seek to eat well (also), we are going to list what and why StarPOS Restaurant 4.0, where the future is the present.
  • 4-layer technology, (AnyOne, AnyTime, AnyWhere, AnyDevice).
  • Business rules. StarPOS , is an old wine, (1993), to which new functional resources have been added, not usual in a restaurant. How would you answer this question? What is the average cover on rainy days and between 15º and 25º
  • BI – Business Intelligence. You must interact instantly, if a table has ordered a special wine, an SMS to the manager on duty tells her that there is someone special in her restaurant, …
  • Direct integration of the Client in the Restaurant. From / to your own device (*): caller to the waiter, immediate invoice, pre-order of dishes, evaluation of your food and the restaurant, consultation of all the meals you have made (what, when and how much), integrated social networks , loyalty by points (prizes and payments)
  • External integration of the Client. From / to your own device (*): Consultation of promotions, reservations directly integrating the promotion and everything already in the system, geolocation, Integration of social networks, “we listen to you”, your points, your profile.
  • As a consequence of all the treatment of Clients, a powerful CRM module involves us.
  • Home delivery or Room Services
  • Payments with any method and in any currency: Your own Points, Credit cards, PayPal, Payment with bitcoins, …

(*) device: any device that has a browser (100% responsive software)

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