2016. Class One integrated with “Alfresco”

Class One integrates in its PMS (Seven Stars), all the billing information in the Alfresco Document Manager (*), directly and automatically.

Alfresco is a content management system from free source code , developed in Java , based on open standards and enterprise-scale for operating systems type Windows , Unix Solaris and some versions of Linux .

It is distributed in three different variants:

It is designed for users who require a high degree of modularity and scalable performance. Alfresco includes a content repository, a web portal framework to manage and use standard content in portals, an interface CIFS (the old SMB) that provides file system compatibility on Windows and operating systems like Unix , a web content management system, ability to virtualize web applications and static sites via Apache Tomcat , search via the engine Apache Solr Lucene and Workflow in jBPM .

Maximizing the value of business content

Content chaos occurs when documents are stored in various places, such as laptops and USB sticks, emails and network drives, and in various file sharing sites. These content silos seriously affect business productivity and increase security risks.

Alfresco’s document management solution brings company content under control. Important files, such as legal contracts, marketing assets, and engineering documents, are easily found, shared, and kept safe. What’s more, Alfresco maximizes the value of content by integrating it into core business processes. Information reaches the right person, at the right time, and on the app and devices people use to do their jobs.

Powerful search and discovery

Alfresco makes it easy to find the exact document among the thousands of documents, or even hundreds of thousands of documents that are handled.
  • Amazon-like search capabilities, with instant search suggestions and search filters, speed up retrieval of relevant content.
  • Smart folders make content discovery easy by grouping files according to what they are rather than where they are stored.
  • Mobile access and integration with productivity applications allow people to work from anywhere using devices and interfaces they already know.

Integration of content in processes

The powerful combination of document management and workflow capabilities opens up myriad opportunities to enhance and accelerate the flow of the digital business.
  • Rich metadata models, or properties, can be used to move documents automatically through a business process, or for the lifecycle of records management.
  • Built-in workflows simplify document review and approval, while custom process definitions can streamline any content-related activity.
  • Folder rules trigger automatic actions for repetitive tasks, leaving more time for the user to focus on more important activities.

Safe business critical content

Enterprise-grade security controls, coupled with built-in records management capabilities, protect valuable business content at every stage of its life.

  • The various layers of access permissions — for sites, folders, and files — control who can view, modify, and delete documents.
  • Document versions, including full rollback functionality, simplify document tracking and protect file integrity.
  • Simple, automated records management strengthens and demonstrates compliance with information governance policies throughout the document lifecycle.
(*) – The integration with Alfresco has been in use since 2010 (Courtesy of the Sunset Beach Club IT Department)