2016. Class One technological partner of the Route of the White Villages

The white of the lime connects one town with another on the Route that crosses the Sierra de Cádiz to the north of the province, an abrupt, tasty, green and exciting route: the Los Pueblos Blancos Route. In it, stories of what was the daily life of Al-Andalus survive: the urban layout of its streets, the economy linked to the cultivation of oil, the artisan production of leather goods and the sweet Andalusian recipe book. A presence marked even in the name of most of the 19 towns that make up the route: Benamahoma, which means the house of Muhammad, Alcalá (the Castle), Algar (the cave), Zahara (the fortress).

With the StarCrS </ strong>, the white towns route, incorporates the latest technological advances, incorporating the client as one more player in this market “ Go To Market “.

Grazalema – Hotel del Carmen
The users of the Route of the White Villages, will be able to enjoy the advantages of a Reservation Center for Restaurants, Bars and Cafes, and Hotels, being able to perform a series of functions:

Locate / Reserve a specific establishment by different criteria:

    • Geolocation.
    • Your Rating by other clients.
    • By Price
    • Category
    • Alphabetically
    • For best promotion
  • See your Web Site
  • Call directly by phone, without having to dial the number
  • Send you an Email from your mobile.
  • Know your Wifi (SSID and Password)
  • Send a WhatsApp to another person indicating where they will be.
  • Place an Order (Class One program required at the establishment)
  • See the Letter (Class One program required at the establishment)
  • Rate and comment on the establishment.
  • See their Loyalty Points program.
  • See all the Reservations you have made.
  • The Customer will always be able to see everything they have consumed in each Establishment (Class One program required in the establishment)
  • Pay by Points (Class One program required at the establishment)
  • Pay by Loyalty Card (Wallet) (Class One program required at the establishment)

StarCrS is:

Easy / Friendly A client does not need to know the application, he senses it on the screen itself. The first thing that captures are the promotions that you have included in the Reservation Center, once you have selected the location, you can narrow it down to only Restaurants, Hotels or Bars, as well as a certain category. It can be ordered by list of Establishments according to valuation, alphabetical, by prices and by promotions.

Powerfull When you have selected the Establishment, in addition to Book, Order, Rate or Consult the Menu, you can perform a series of very useful functions: Go to your Web Site, call by phone in a single click, send An email, Copy the data of your Wifi -SSID / Password, or send a WhatsApp to the person with whom you have stayed, where all the information of the Establishment will appear (Name, address, telephone, and direct location of Google Maps)