2016. Integration with Iberoservice

As part of our integration campaign, we take a new step by integrating TTOO, as is the case with Iberoservice:

With more than 30 years of experience serving the main tour operators worldwide and offering the warmest welcome to more than 6 million passengers a year in any of our destinations, Iberoservice is a guarantee of quality, efficiency and safety in receptive services.

Hotels, transfers, excursions, tickets for events or shows and everything that a traveler may need once they have chosen their destination so they only worry about enjoying themselves.

Main Tour Operators:

This new protocol includes: exclusively reception of reservations for signed contracts . It is especially important for those holiday hotels that work with the operator Thomas Cook AG (NUR, AIR,…).

Those hotels that are interested in implementing this protocol, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Through this new communication protocol it is possible to automatically collect Reservations made through the Web.

Reception of Reservations:

  • The Reservation made through Iberoservice is loaded directly into the PMS, at the very moment it occurs. Direct inclusion in the PMS, of the rooming list with the broken down prices (Room / Meal Plan) according to the signed contract, and other data.
  • Control of Minors according to age and cribs if applicable.
  • Confirmation of the Web Service on the other side of the interface, or of the error code and description in case of failure, according to our protocol with the rest of the OTA’s.
  • Delete / Modify (cancellation of previous reservation and creation of new reservation)
  • Printing at the reception of the reservation / s received / s, with all the data that appear in it. Normally, a shipment is the product of several individual reservations, with the data associated with it being printed for each reservation (as well as sending an email to the Head of Accommodations). In this way, the Hotel will perceive that a new Reservation has been loaded into its Computer Systems.
  • Quota and Booking update automatically
  • Email to the person in charge of reservations with all the information of the reservation / s received / s
  • History of the Reservations received by Iberoservices accessible directly from the PMS.