2017-10-03 Confirmation Protocol Integration ParityRate / RoomCloud

As part of our integration campaign, we take a new step by integrating a new Channel.

From Class One we would like to emphasize that it has been a real pleasure to work with the ParityRate team, led by Leopoldo Sergi (IT manager) and María José Vargas (Sales Manager Spain) both based in Milan, we have perfectly coordinated this integration taking place in a minimum period of time for your maximum collaboration. We sincerely thank you for your kind and full cooperation.

Parity Rate was founded in 2006 by Bruno Castella , owner of hotels in Milan.
The company offers marketing solutions for hotels and vacation spots (B&B, Residences, Apartments, etc.) taking advantage of professional experience in hotel management, which its founder began in 1973.

With the growth of the Internet and digital technology, Parity Rate has become a point of reference in both the Italian and European markets, thanks to the ICT platform that acts as a system integrator and allows you to connect hotels, portals (OTA), GDS, PMS and RMS, in a single software, easy to use and with a simple and immediate interface.

Since 2006, the company has evolved, not only as an interface, which today connects to more than 500 portals, but also as a number of clients (more than 2,600) and continues to grow throughout the world.

Today, in conjunction with the launch of the new website, we announce a new brand identity, which resulted in our “square and monogram” logo, which was born to represent this process of growth and innovation, always focusing on simplicity.

Parity Rate is integrated with 500 portals.

Through the Parity Rate Distribution Manager your business is integrated with the main global distribution systems, which guarantees a direct relationship between your hotel and those who sell the rooms, even for GDS, such as travel agencies with airlines, hotels, car rental companies, creating an integrated online booking access.

Those hotels that are interested in implementing this protocol, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Maria José Vargas
Responsable Comercial España|ParityRate

 Website: www.parityrate.com
 Mail: spain@parityrate.com
 Asistencia 902 848 860 (de 9.00-21.00 horas de lunes a domingo)
 Comercial 902 018 244

Availability and Rates Update:
  • Differentiated or generic update for all associated Channels
  • Established quotas and Prices per day for the different Rooms, although a Room Type in the PMS may mean different Room Types in the OTA (Standard Double, Sea View Double, Ground Floor Double, etc., being able to increase or decrease the prices in percentage terms, depending on the Type of Room)
  • Days of Minimum Stay, maximum stay. Release Control
  • Closing dates, and CTA (Close To Arrival), CTD (Close To Departure)
  • The possibility of scheduling the update is enabled so that it is carried out automatically (normally, every day at dawn, although it can be configured according to the needs of the Hotel). On the other hand, there is also the manual option that sends the data to the OTA at the time the user decides. The average time of an update for a whole year, both in the automatic and manual cases, is less than one minute.
Reception of Reservations:
  • The Reservation made through roomCloud is loaded directly into the PMS, at the same time it occurs. Direct inclusion in the PMS, of the rooming list with the broken down prices (Room / Meal Plan) according to the signed contract, and other data.
  • Control of Minors according to age and cribs if applicable.
  • Automatic incorporation of supplements in the Reserve
  • Delete / Modify (cancellation of previous reservation and creation of new reservation)
  • Printing at the reception of the reservation / s received / s, with all the data that appear in it. Normally, a shipment is the product of several individual reservations, with the data associated with it being printed for each reservation (as well as sending an email to the Head of Accommodations). In this way, the Hotel will perceive that a new Reservation has been loaded into its Computer Systems.
  • Quota and Booking update automatically
  • Billing and historical control of Reservations broken down by the different original channels.
  • Email to the person in charge of reservations with all the information of the reservation / s received / s
  • History of Reservations received by ParityRate accessible directly from the PMS.