Change log

In advance / scheduled room update

With Class One Seven Stars is solved

Functional problems in the Hotel.

Daily issues in hotel booking… when a guest wishes to change the room type, on the same day, but there is no availability until the next day.
There can be a number of reasons, there is a group booking and one of the guests wants to upgrade the room. Or it could only be that the guest wishes an upgrade to have a better view, or celebrate and special moment, but for that date there are no available rooms left.
How should we act: we know that on the next day there will be availability to (upgrade to a “superior” room), but there is a lot of demand for that room type, so we must “block” it in advance, so that when the guest leaves, the guest with the upgrade request can enjoy their new room.
Seven Stars, acts as follows:
  • generates a reservation of entry date on the day that room can be assigned to the guest who has requested it, that specific room is pre-assigned, and as departure date, the actual departure of the stay, updating of course the corresponding bookings.
    A note will be placed in the observations field at the entry of the stay to identify that this reservation is “fictitious”, since it is simply created to “block” the availability of that room.

    There may be several options:

      • keep the price of the original room
      • the price of the new room type is applied
      • that an upgrade service be applied
      • keep the same or different pax
  • and in the stay of said guest the departure date is updated on the day of the change.
  • When it is the date of the change, exclusively by pressing a button in the stay/exit, it restructures the new stay to the agreed conditions, thereby facilitating reception usability.
In this way, we have controlled the availability of the room to which we are going to make the change with a simple reservation. We can check if the stay already has a scheduled room change by clicking again on the “Advance room change” button and the popup will indicate the number of the “fictitious” reservation.
We have achieved: automation at the reception and improvement in operations with guests.

Examples of real trading at Seven Stars