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All Inclusive Management

All Inclusive

The most important thing is to know who owns All Inclusive, there are two procedures currently in Class One
  • Control by QR that you have in CWM (Customer Web Mobile).

The customer is fully identified in the system, so when presenting the QR code at the different Points of Sale, it is already detected that they have the All Inclusive regime.

  • Control by wristbands, disposable or not
When giving the CheckIn of a client, the IDs of the bracelets are read (whether they are single-use or multi-use), and these IDs (which are unique) are associated with the stay . When presenting the bracelet to a POS reader, read the corresponding stay and check that it is All Inclusive
Procedures associated with the All Inclusive.
  • Waiters cannot “sell” everything included without the identification of the person who owns it.
  • When making any All Inclusive sale, the room and its guest are associated with the ticket.
  • If the “sales” of the all-inclusive exceed previously established amounts, a trigger (Trigger) goes off to the corresponding person in charge, indicating that in a Guest Room the limit of all-inclusive expenses is being “exceeded”.
  • You can obtain different reports that indicate the ratios of:
    • Detailed consumptions per Guest Room.
    • Ratios on Food, Beverage and Others in double channel (obtained from the real costs of products // obtained from ratios applied to sales), these Ratios can also be obtained between the dates that we indicate them by:
      • Global (Totalized), knowing generically how much the All Inclusive costs per pax and broken down (Total, Food, Drink and Others)
      • By Countries, By Market Segments, By Agencies, By Channels
Javier González Otero

CTO Class One Group

For Class One All-Inclusive Control systems, they can be done by bracelets, cards, …, with a chip with a unique identifier (or record it manually), which are associated with the Rooms.

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