Allar. Su Contabilidad Hotelera

All the Hotels ultimately depend on their accounting processes, the usual question is this a “Property Management System (PMS) Business Management System (SHMS – Smart Hotel Management System) is linked to this or that accounting system”? , but you should have reasoned considered that it would also be important to have an accounting system to collect and reflect with the peculiarities of the Hospitality sector.

Allar gives it from the first moment, born back in 1981, with more than 2000 facilities on his back and with absolute coverage of both taxation and departmental analytics. Allar is the accounting tool that any CFO would like to have; the data is so immediate that allows more time to attend to other responsibilities and functions. A good friend and CFO of a large hotel (revenue over € 30M / €) recently told me, “Javier, what do I do now, I come in the morning, I hit the button and I go away calmly to carry out other of my numberless tasks

In addition to the usual and logical virtues that an accounting system can and must facilitate: Estimated depreciation computed per days (to study simulations), Payments to Suppliers through ISO 20022 (let the bank carry out the work of both issuing checks and transfers), all types of unimaginable accounting and operational information statements for the total control of “our company”, Account Checking Systems to be up-to-date with banks, suppliers, clients, …, Control as directed by the legal or company regulations:  the average elapsed days of Payment to suppliers;  its easy checking and correction system; for the coherence of the necessary reconciliation items thereof; treatment of foreign currency in various currencies, automatic connections with the Internal Tax Service “SII”, if and when necessary with minimal effort, applications of all kinds and a very long etcetera.

However, we must answer the question, why do we say that it is a system for Hotel accounting?


We can produce, immediately,  all kinds of Analytical Information Balances in the usual formats of the USALI (Uniform System of Accounts for Logding Industry), and, with a caveat that the USALI falls “short” compared to this accounting system, since It allows to cross the information with the units of the Hotel, and of course the different GOPPAR, GOPPAG, GOPPAB, …


Below is a series of reports prepared by Allar, We would ask you to kindly answer us this question

Is there any accounting system in the world market that gives you this data immediately?


If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to consult us

Javier Sabariz – President & CEO Class One Group