Homologated Partner Class One, incorporates another new CRM interface “PUSHTech’s” Espectros Musicales Colección privada: Javier Sabariz PUSHTech is a CRM and automated marketing, sales and management platform, which allows you to acquire, segment, retain and help your customers, through communications via email, push, chat and SMS. Marketing & Engagement Automation for Webs, Apps and Email Marketers. … Read more

Panamá – Janet

Class One Group Partner Janet Reid Regional Account Manager Class One Group Maximize the income of properties in the tourism industry, through the analysis of information on the property, the market, the competition, (supply and demand). Developing and implementing effective strategies to increase the general income of the complex’s products, also taking care of the … Read more


Homologated Partner Class One, incorporates another new Wifi interface.. “Hotelinking“ Author Luz Darriba Colección privada: Javier Sabariz Are you and your hotel ready to join us? Hotelinking automates in one solution lead generation, brand awareness, web traffic, guest engagement, and email marketing for hotels.

Booking Engine – SimpleBooking

Homologated Partner Class One, incorporates a new interface into our SHMS SimpleBooking. Author Quiroga Private collection: Javier Sabariz Simple is DIRECT Simple Booking is a different booking engine suite that will make your hotel life as cloudless as never before. We don’t simply want to boost your online direct bookings. We want to change your life. Sit down, relax and … Read more

Welcome YTO Marroc

It is for Class One a great honor for the trust you have placed in us .. We started operating in Morocco Commercial Class One Hotel Yto is located near Synagogue Beth-El (0.8 km) and Square of Mohammed V (1.3 km). Free wifi is offered to guests, and rooms at Hotel Yto include air conditioning. … Read more

Digital signature – Wacom

Homologated Partner Class One Group, incorporates the signature option through Wacom tablets Wacom Author Quiroga Colección privada: Javier Sabariz Class One, is pleased to present this new option. Wacom Generates easy to sign your clients with Wacom

Insurance – FlexMyRoom

Homologated Partner Class One Group, performs a new integration different from the rest of the ones we already have with FlexMyRoom With this alliance, it is possible to dynamize the Hospitality sectorGive a turn to the Hotel Reservations, protecting them from cancellations and ensuring their treasury by including travel insurance in the reservations. Author Quiroga … Read more

Payment Gateway – MyMoid

Homologated Partner MYMOID & Class One Group, make an alliance to boost the Hospitality sector with a comprehensive solution for Smart Payments complying with PSD2 standards. Class One Group, is pleased to present this new Interface. Thanks to Antonio Javier Sánchez // Curro Cejudo // Sara Rey MYMOID Integration with the payment gateway directly for … Read more


PSD2 standard Its inclusion in Class One systems PSD2 standard. As we well know, and after several delays, we must apply the PSD2 regulation in credit card charges. There are many doubts in the hotel sector now, having a clear series of operations and knowing the operation in Class One, they will not have any … Read more

All Include

Smart Seven Stars y StarPOS All Inclusive Management All Inclusive The most important thing is to know who owns All Inclusive, there are two procedures currently in Class One Control by QR that you have in CWM (Customer Web Mobile). The customer is fully identified in the system, so when presenting the QR code at … Read more