IA. Live Rate

IA: Live Rate ≠ Segments → ≠ Optimal Predictive Rate Why AI?? If in your HOTEL your pricing is complicated, slow and in the end possibly incorrect, in Class One we have created the solution IA: Live Rate, let our system do the work for you. Parameters such as: forecast of occupation, release, events, area … Read more

Welcome Hacienda Benazuza ***** GL

It is for Class One Group a great honor to have you again as a client in your next re-opening. Javier Sabariz – President & CEO Class One Group http://shms.es/2004-02-02-el-bulli-2 Reopening May 2021 HACIENDA BENAZUZA ***** GL Hacienda Benazuza offers elegant accommodation with a sun terrace, a shared lounge and a tennis court, as well … Read more

What league do you want to play in?

OUR OBLIGATION “All in One” Class One can boast of incorporating in Smart Seven Stars: Y&R Management, KPI’s, Dashboard, Pickup,. Revenue Forecast Comparative Analysis, Yield planned comparative, CRM, Failures and maintenance, Budgeting (USALI),… and More than 97 Different Interfaces (every month we add new interfaces) OUR COMMITMENT Quality, responsiveness, customer satisfaction Class One can boast … Read more

Class One begins operations in Switzerland

Zurich – Switzerland   Class one, is present in Zurich – Switzerland through our client and prescriber  Covin Group This is a joint operation of ClickMobile Solutions, with the Class One Group, where you can see a solution technologically far above what the current market demands Restoration, with full integration of both systems. More details about the … Read more

Class One agreement with AEDH

Class One agreement with AEDH (Asociación Española de Directores de Hoteles) Continuing with our expansion in all aspects, Class One has signed a collaboration agreement with AEDH (Spanish Association of Hotel Directors), through which it will benefit those hotels that are in the Association with certain advantages with respect to Class One products. . As a counter-provision … Read more