International – Multi-currency

Change log International – Multi-currency With Class One Seven Stars is solved Hoteliers’ Functional problems. Globalization forces. Let’s talk about two assumptions:  Countries are highly dependent on dollarization. Our local currency might be: MXN, PEN, COP, ARS, …, now our market, our bookings and our payments are normally made in USD Our biggest market is … Read more

Advance/scheduled room change

Change log In advance / scheduled room update With Class One Seven Stars is solved Functional problems in the Hotel. Daily issues in hotel booking… when a guest wishes to change the room type, on the same day, but there is no availability until the next day.  There can be a number of reasons, there … Read more


Change log HouseKeeping. New Culture Communication to the HouseKeeping Department With Class One solved HouseKeeping – Communication. We have not realized that other departments and not just the Front Office are involved in the hotel, in guest communication. A simple example, a guest has contracted a Late Check-Out, I wonder, does the Housekeeper know it?, or … Read more

USALI. Smart Seven Stars

Change log USALI (Uniform System of Account for Lodging Industry) From Hotel With Class One solved USALI.  To talk about USALI, we must know a little about its history, it was defined in 1926 in the city of NY, to make an accounting normalization of the financial statements in the Hotels. In 2018, HFTP acquired … Read more

Virtual Rooms

Change log Virtual Rooms With Class One solved What is meant by Virtual Rooms?. Also called by some hotels Rooms Family, shared, communicating, …, are those rooms that are formed with the union of 2 or more rooms, but that do not exist in the Booking, because if they existed, the same would be duplicated with … Read more


PSD2 standard Its inclusion in Class One systems PSD2 standard. As we well know, and after several delays, we must apply the PSD2 regulation in credit card charges. There are many doubts in the hotel sector now, having a clear series of operations and knowing the operation in Class One, they will not have any … Read more

All Include

Smart Seven Stars y StarPOS All Inclusive Management All Inclusive The most important thing is to know who owns All Inclusive, there are two procedures currently in Class One Control by QR that you have in CWM (Customer Web Mobile). The customer is fully identified in the system, so when presenting the QR code at … Read more

IA. Live Rate

IA: Live Rate ≠ Segments → ≠ Optimal Predictive Rate Why AI?? If in your HOTEL your pricing is complicated, slow and in the end possibly incorrect, in Class One we have created the solution IA: Live Rate, let our system do the work for you. Parameters such as: forecast of occupation, release, events, area … Read more