PSD2 standard Its inclusion in Class One systems PSD2 standard. As we well know, and after several delays, we must apply the PSD2 regulation in credit card charges. There are many doubts in the hotel sector now, having a clear series of operations and knowing the operation in Class One, they will not have any … Read more

All Include

Smart Seven Stars y StarPOS All Inclusive Management All Inclusive The most important thing is to know who owns All Inclusive, there are two procedures currently in Class One Control by QR that you have in CWM (Customer Web Mobile). The customer is fully identified in the system, so when presenting the QR code at … Read more

IA. Live Rate

IA: Live Rate ≠ Segments → ≠ Optimal Predictive Rate Why AI?? If in your HOTEL your pricing is complicated, slow and in the end possibly incorrect, in Class One we have created the solution IA: Live Rate, let our system do the work for you. Parameters such as: forecast of occupation, release, events, area … Read more

SHMS incorporates Facial Recognition

Homologated Partner Facial Recognition Class One announces the availability of the Facial Recognition interface incorporated into our Customer Web Mobile, always making the future present and valid for the new COVID-19 regulations. Class one announces the availability of the facial recognition interface incorporated into our mobile Customer web Mobile, always keeping in mind the future … Read more

Allar. Your Hotel Accounting

Allar. Su Contabilidad Hotelera All the Hotels ultimately depend on their accounting processes, the usual question is this a “Property Management System (PMS) Business Management System (SHMS – Smart Hotel Management System) is linked to this or that accounting system”? , but you should have reasoned considered that it would also be important to have an … Read more

Is your hotel ready to resume activity? (I)

(I) Working “remote” is no longer a choice. Class One, “Your future is our present”, anticipated the unforeseen, why? Dear member of the Hotel and Restaurant world We are all experiencing turbulent times in the hospitality sector and from Class One we give you a brief summary of what is already happening and what is … Read more

Is your hotel ready to resume activity? (II)

(II) Working “remote” is no longer a choice. Class One, “Your future is our present”, anticipated the unforeseen, why? The solution? Good news for our clients. Class One customers already have software that: It allows the cancellation of the queues at the reception, “out of the queues”, with our Customer Web Mobile system customers will … Read more

Allar Fiscal-Financial Analytical-Departmental Accounting.

Allar Fiscal-Financial Analytical-Departmental Accounting. Working “remote” is no longer a choice Available Allar Contabilidad Web version 4.0, my always companion (J. Sabariz 1981 first version M20 of Olivetti). Allar has more than 2000 facilities to his credit, with clients of the most varied types: Construction Companies, Air shipments, Banking, Business Organizations, Business Groups, Multi-nationals, Cigar, … Read more