Grupo Class One partner

Zurich – Switzerland


Class one, is present in Zurich – Switzerland through our client and prescriber

 Covin Group

This is a joint operation of ClickMobile Solutions, with the Class One Group, where you can see a solution technologically far above what the current market demands Restoration, with full integration of both systems.

More details about the features of ResTTable and videos in the following link…  

In addition to our StarPOS system, they also carry the StarCrS application (Central Reservation Systems), with its Loyalty program, see a demo at: 

Due to the special Swiss features, our StarPOS application, is currently with dictionaries in French and German languages, in addition to the basic ones in Spanish and English.

Group Class One 
Rafael Alberti 6 Bajo, 15172 -Perillo (Spain) 
 Teléfono: +34 981613709

 E-Mail: comercial at classone dot es