2009 Brazil 18-26 April


Different agreements have been made for the consolidation of Class One Brazil always in the hands of Commander Denny Gutierrez, here is a brief review of the same:

We thank Mr. Sérgio Nogueira , Superintendent of ABIH-RJ (Associação Brasileira da Indústria Hoteleira do Estado do Rio de Janeiro), the collaboration he has given us and among other topics, Class One acquires the commitment to participate in the exhibition of an event where a topic will be presented, always from the area of ​​hotel technology, in which hoteliers from the entire state.

Establishment of a Distributor in Rio de Janeiro of which Mr. Magno C.D. André , with more than 30 years of experience in the IT sector, permanent delegation to Florianopolis in the person of Stra. Solange Schiefelbein , as well as a macro-Distributor for Brasilia.

We also thank the Director Julio Gonzalez PREMIER COPACABANA HOTEL, for all the information and support that the Galician community has provided us, with which Class One, as a Galician company, hopes to have a serious and long collaboration.

Currently, negotiations are under way to install the Seven Stars hotel system in more than 10 hotels.

José Luis Gutierrez (Denny’s father) together with our President and CEO in Angra dos Reis in one of the offices from where the management work of Class One Brazil .

CEO Class One

Solange Schiefelbein . Our Delegate for the South of Brazil based in Florianopolis.

Veronica A. Gutierrez. A tireless collaborator of Class One, and the main instigator of the existence of Class One Brazil.