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PUSHTech is a CRM and automated marketing, sales and management platform, which allows you to acquire, segment, retain and help your customers, through communications via email, push, chat and SMS.

Marketing & Engagement Automation

for Webs, Apps and Email Marketers.

Automate your communications for your sales funnel, training courses, onboarding process, marketing campaigns, newsletters and support messages. Easily create highly personalized and automated conversations with your users and customers using push, email and sms.

Email Marketing Platform

Design beautiful emails and automate your campaigns.

Design mobile friendly emails with our drag and drop template builder. Send personalized emails to your contacts or create SIEs – Sequences of Interactions and Episodes – based on behavioral data. Trigger follow up emails based on your customers actions and interests.

Engagement Engine ready to play

Reduce those numbers by 50% in less than 10 minutes. Activate our pre-configured and ready to use engagement engine, including 5 of the most important automations your app or website needs. Review the pre-populated content, press play and start understanding your audience states, reducing churn, increasing engagement and converting more customers.

Increase user engagement from day 1.

90% of all your users will become dormant without an automated strategy.
75% of all new users churn happens within the first three days.
40% of your engaged users remain unregistered within your app or web.


SMS Marketing platform

Create personalized SMS campaigns and landing pages.

Send SMS marketing campaigns with responsive Landing Pages adapted to mobile devices. Create automated behavior-triggered SMS campaigns and deliver your communications instantly to more than 1000 mobile operators in all corners of the world.

API for messaging

Send SMS, PUSH and EMAILS connecting your backend to our REST API.

Our REST API lets your systems interact 24/7 with PUSHTech. You can automate processes easily by integrating your Backend, CRM or ERP.