We have achieved it “Smart Rate Automatic”

I have recently read in some media, that some companies are starting to use AI technology in Yield & Revenue Management, They’re still crawling, though. We can categorically affirm that, in Class One, we go by car and in a very short time we will go by supersonic plane.

Our technology allows us at all times to automatically trigger the best rates (according to our Revenue algorithms) to the different channels / segments to optimize revenues and achieve the highest profitability for the hotel. This automation of the pricing, makes Seven Stars behave like a human being, and we are still in the premature phase of learning. Our data are starting to speak to us, to tell the story.

If we have, as it’s, in our SHMS  (Smart Hotel Management System) the patterns that identify the behavior of the different segments, channels, macro-segments, …, our technology allows us to automatically establish multiple price patterns, with which our price policy is achieved is based on our data and not on intuition, and immediately transfer it automatically to the market.

It’s not that we want to suppress commercial departments, but if we talk about robots at reception, why not talk about virtual robots for our Y & R Management

Class One Smart Seven Stars
Class One Smart Seven Stars

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