(II) Working "remote" is no longer a choice.

Class One, “Your future is our present”, anticipated the unforeseen, why?

The solution?

Good news for our clients.

Class One customers already have software that:

  • It allows the cancellation of the queues at the reception, “out of the queues”, with our Customer Web Mobile system customers will make express check-in (they will show their passport – if the police allow this requirement to be ignored because all the data is already digitized, and they will go to the room)
  • The client from her Smartphone and without downloading any app, will be able to perform all those functions that were previously needed to go to reception.
  • And what happens in the restaurant, you can order the food “take away”, or sit at the table and from your phone select those products you want to consume, and when paying, do so from your mobile and leave.

The technological transition

A new era begins, the change is going to be brutal, so your hotel must be prepared with the highest generation technology, customers will no longer want to see “so much” the staff, the human resources of the hotels will be minimized with a higher quality-specialization of those who have the responsibility, for that reason they will have to handle tools for what 5 people used to do, now those functions can be performed by just one and if possible with a substantial improvement.

Finally, we would like to thank you for dedicating your time in these special moments and we hope to give you a warm welcome on board again in the near future, which is already a reality for us. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

#Stay at home 🙂

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