Homologated Partner


Quality, responsiveness, customer satisfaction


Class One can boast of maintaining a unique level of incidence in the sector 0.87 incidents x hotel x year (counted 6 months after installation)

Class One , incorporates a new interface so that the Wifi of the Hotels is certified from the Hotel System.


From Fabertelecom we bring new technologies to hotels, we manage safe and high-performance connection spaces, clients enjoy in the hotel as if they were in their own home.

The GPON technology only needs the deployment of a fiber optic cable allowing the integration of all the hospitality vices: VoIP telephony, IPTV television , WiFi, video conferencing, video surveillance, digital communication, access control and home automation.

Thanks to fiber optics, hotels can save on connectivity and generate new sources of income thanks to the consumer and leisure services that they can offer to customers (Netfix, Gaming, Smart TV, Apps etc).

“More than 19 years at the service of Telecommunications”


Fabertelecom is a technology company with more than 19 years of experience in the telecommunications sector, aimed at facilitating the implementation of new technologies in the tourism and business sectors, saving costs and improving their competitiveness. It is the holder of ISO 9001, guaranteeing its quality processes since 2014.
Industry 4.0 or Connected Industry 4.0 is the new stage of the digital revolution. In this process of change, Fabertelecom contributes its knowledge in global technological solutions to the tourism sector and the industry in general. Engineering projects, network consulting, IP telephony, cybersecurity, cloud services, physical or virtual servers, fiber optic network deployments that interconnect equipment and systems in smart buildings and smart cities, are some of the knowledge areas provided by Fabertelecom, all of them monitored 24/7/365, which allows guarantees in its SLA service.
It is registered within the Ministry of Industry as an authorized company in Telecommunications facilities and in the CNMC as an Internet Service Operator, as a fixed and mobile telephone operator obtaining the B and F cards . Being certified as an audit, installer and certifier of any type of wired, wireless and even fiber optic network.