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Class One, performs this important interface to ensure taxation with the DIAN – Colombia platform

facture is the technological ally that your company needs!

Start invoicing electronically without complications!

We have multiple integration options, which allow you to issue electronic invoices from your ERP or accounting software.

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Benefits of implementing electronic invoicing in your company

Implementing the electronic invoice in your company brings multiple benefits, one of these is the reduction of costs in the processes of issuance, shipping and storage of your documents and invoices.

Other benefits

  • Increase the competitiveness of your company with the power of technology: Fast and online processes allow you to optimize the use of resources in your company .
  • Improve the relationship with your customers and suppliers: The invoice Electronic allows to reduce the times of issuance and sending of the invoice, in addition to eliminating errors that arise from manual processes.
  • Minimize the risk of fraud within your company: The electronic invoice is transparent and unchangeable, in addition the validity of an electronic document can be consulted online.

Our solution

Our robust electronic collaboration solution allows you to centralize all your processes; You can issue, receive, pay, collect and store all your invoices or documents in one place.

Our solution allows you to:

Maintain full traceability of your issued documents, through our monitoring and control tools.

Receive documents from your suppliers in a reliable way through our supplier portal.

Keep your invoices for 5 years at no additional cost, and consult them in the cloud at any time.

Customize graphics, notifications, and colors to meet your business needs.

Our payment, collection and shopping cart solutions are the perfect complement to your electronic collaboration process.

We have the experience, the knowledge and technology to take your company to another level!