FITUR 2007

Fitur and the Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero create a forum for hotel innovation and technology

The International Tourism Fair (Fitur) and the Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero (ITH) have signed a collaboration agreement that marks the birth of the I Forum of Innovation and Hotel Technology (Fiturtech). Fitur and ITH aim to “promote” and “encourage” actions related to the hotel sector, in addition to investing in training in the use of management tools applied to the hotel industry to “increase the efficiency” of this sector. Fiturtech will take place on Friday February 2 and will be led by companies from the hotel sector that “will share their business experiences” derived from the use and application of the “latest and more innovative “management and use tools for new promotion and distribution channels.

The director of ITH, Mar de Miguel Colom , highlighted that the forum will present numerous innovations “of immediate and effective applicability”, thanks to which it is possible to “improve profit margins and increase competitiveness in the market “.

In addition, during the forum, issues related to the promotion of tourist destinations will be discussed. In this sense, the objective of Fitur and ITH is to “expand” each year the theme of the meeting so that Fiturtech becomes “a reference in the tourism field”.

One of the conferences “Practical application of Business Intelligence in the hotel industry” will be given by the president of our company.