Future is our present "Customer Web Mobile"

The computer change in the current systems of Hotel Management, is not valid if it is not achieved that our Guests are an active part of the system. Hotels that use disruptive technologies in their relations with the client will be the leaders.

Terry Von Bibra, vice-president of Alibaba in Europe, “technology is not only there to innovate, but it must be used to do something bigger, to help consumers and make the whole process easier and faster“.

The largest online trading company is a paradigm case because it has assumed that “customer interaction is the battleground of tomorrow. In this sense, Niraj Dawar highlights Amazon’s efforts aimed at reducing the cost of that interaction.

Aware of this need, Class One always in its constant process of using disruptive technologies, launches our module “Customer Web Mobile – CWM” and we are already getting on our particular supersonic aircraft. 


CWM, we can define it as an element of direct communication between the CUSTOMER and the HOTEL in those functions that, thanks to him, do not need an intervention of the personnel of reception.

CWM as an interactive system equipped with a graphic and responsive interface, allows the client of the hotel to directly perform various operations, fundamentally its design is based on the use by Smartphone.

CWM will also be a Loyalty tool for our clients, since it serves as a union of the different Hotels with a system of points that are generated according to the productions made in each Hotel by the loyal Client. The fact of making your pre-checkIn already means that you are loyal so there are no more intermediate steps.

CWM the functions detailed below may be increased in others due to the strong feedback with our customers and the constant study of behavior in the sector.


Security It is fundamental that at no time we can run risks in our data, for it has been designed some procedures isolating our CWM of the Central system of the Hotel, with which it will dialog in an encrypted way by Web Services. We do not give any option to pass any data hacking as unfortunately has already happened in the sector. DevSecOps practices have been applied.



The functions that are performed are as diverse as:

Pre-Checking Out-house. The Guest, at the moment of the reception of his reservation in the Hotel (it is done by the method that is done), will receive a link, to which of sure form it will be able to connect to his reservation and to complete those necessary data to make his check-in, even optionally it will be able to include his signature, photo Identifying Document and/or Selfie. You will also be able to take part in the Loyalty program of the Hotel (or chain). Other functions.

  • Choose the room based on parameters previously defined by the Hotel.
  • Room selection upgrade.
  • Crosselling and Upselling techniques will be applied in different services.
  • Whatsapps communication with the Hotel.
  • Observations for the Stay (What temperature do you prefer, change the colour of the light in the room, diffusers of aromas…)
  • Pay at the same time converting the Reservation into Confirmed and Non-Refundable (possibility of applying a discount).
  • Share by Whatsapps the Reservation indicating the Hotel, location, dates, …
  • Make new Reservations (you will communicate directly with the Booking Engine, applying its particular conditions).).
  • Social Networks Connectivity
  • Consult the history of Stays in this Hotel..
  • To consult the history of Reservations of the Hotel and/or Chain
  • Consultation of points. Loyalty Program.
  • Whatsapp with Reception.
  • Consult the agenda of the Hotel: Restaurants (photos, suggestions, …), Telephones of interest (Airports, Stations, …), Tours, …
  • Hotel Information
    • Website link
    • Hotel Board (New’s, Events,…)


Pre-Checkin At reception. The guest will be able to capture a QR code and giving some minimum data of his reservation he will be able to make the pre-Checkin like in the previous case.

CheckinCheckIn Express. If you show your (obligatory) documentation, you will immediately be given your room key, you will receive an email to your phone.

  • Access to Wifi
  • Your Hosting Contract
  • Your part of Police / Travelers
  • Know Room Status: Dirty, Clean, Checked (if I’m in the pool)
  • Your QR, so you can teach it in payments, Restaurants, …


In-House. Already fully identified. In your language and digitally you can:

  • All the functions of Pre-CheckIn/CheckIn/…
  • Request Pillow Card.
  • Book Hammocks or other services
  • Request various Hotel Services (Cross selling)
  • Observations // Comments // Suggestions (Directly to the Corresponding Department…, Complaint-Management)
  • Report a malfunction.
  • Carry out the Hotel Quality Control test.
    • Publication of your comments and valuation of the Hotel (anonymous or with aliases)
  • See the pending Charges
  • CheckOut Express. Request the invoice, receive it in pdf format, and pay it from your mobile.
  • Hotel Board
    • New’s
    • Activities (Upgrade)
    • Animation


Out-House.  Many of the functions mentioned in previous points.