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HouseKeeping. New Culture

Communication to the HouseKeeping Department

With Class One solved

HouseKeeping – Communication.
We have not realized that other departments and not just the Front Office are involved in the hotel, in guest communication.

A simple example, a guest has contracted a Late Check-Out, I wonder, does the Housekeeper know it?, or an Early Check-In, or an EcoFriendly, …, does the cleaner know?

In Class One, we have established a communication system in which all these tasks are reported both to the Housekeeper with a special Booking of those services that affect them, as well as the cleaners themselves who have to intervene in said services.

Direct Services to HouseKeeping Department

  • The housekeeper will receive in due time those extra services that her cleaning crew must perform in due time.
  • The cleaners in their part of the activity will have reflected those extra services that they must perform in the guest rooms.

Communication and that it is automatic will save us many problems and above all better customer service and always with minimal effort.

Automation and control are a communication of the needs of the hotel with the HouseKeeping Department.