(III) - A new concept of Hotel Management (SHMS)

Smart Seven Stars is learning languages, currently available in English, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish,

The learning curve is practically non-existent

Class One Smart Seven Stars
  • Multidevice cleaning control with instant information of the rooms that are checking out.

  • Inmediate issue reporting to the Governing Department and to the Hotel Issues Book.

  • Rooms assignment to the different maids

  • Instant search of the maid

  • Control of cleaning duration


In Class One we will always be Control maniacs, yes, without COST (they are totally automatic when performing the functions that must be auditable)

  • Billing
  • Production
  • Computing
  • Reservations
Class One Smart Seven Stars
Class One Smart Seven Stars
  • Check comisiones OTA’s.
  • NetRevPAR

All types of Billing and Collections

  • TTOO,
  • Agencies,
  • Companies,
  • Walking,
  • Advance,
  • Pro-forms,

emails, pdf files, and endless features …

Class One Smart Seven Stars
  • Access to invoices filed in folders (YYYYMM) in pdf
Class One Smart Seven Stars
  • Meals/Diners
  • Forecast, Diners check (theoretical, real), …
Group Class One 
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