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Transcendental collaboration agreements signed with large companies that have trusted 100% in the benefits of  Class One Group products and the professionalism of those who make up our company.


Pablo Rodríguez: Partner en Grupo Class One

Pablo Rodríguez

En BsAs, SOLVERA, que es nuestro Distribuidor en países tan diversos como  Barbados, Aruba, Jamaica, Sint Maarten, Dominicana, México, …, y por supuesto Argentina.

En BsAsPablo Rodriguez

Destinations/Hotels Marketing & branding Specialist.

SOLVERA Chief Happiness Officer.

Tlf: +54 11 5353 0001
Pablo Rodríguez Dirección: +54 11 4440-4721
E-mail: director at solvera dot la

Solvera es partner de Grupo Class One

First of all, thank you Pablo after so many years for your friendship


Lorena Carvajal: Partner en Grupo Class One

Lorena Carvajal

Professional in customer / guest service and hospitality. Responsible and committed to the vision of the guests in each interaction, maintaining the desire to meet expectations that they usually have when moving or entering a hotel / restaurant.

Differential treatment with class and professionalism towards HVC passengers (the most important for the company, such as Presidents of the Republic, Ministers, Royalty, CEOs, great businessmen and opinion leaders). Quick reaction in case of contingencies, effective decision making, permanent work under pressure to comply with the itinerary of each of the flights and their connections.

Tlf: +34 628 17 85 53
Chile: 9 401 54 981
E-mail: lorena dot cl at shms dot es

Grupo Class One partner



Wilden García Vargas: Partner en Grupo Class One
Itero SAS es partner de Grupo Class one

Wilden García Vargas

Manager of IT solutions, IT infrastructure, IT applications, database manager, project manager in a variety of business applications. design of client / server and relational databases using Oracle, migratory projects, close interaction with database producers. AS400, IBM i series services, DB2, Informix, Cobol.

Expert in Business Intelligence Services, financial, commercial and logistics models.

Datacenter Tier 3 builder, business continuity models, replication, Oracle RAC High Availability. Business continuity in Oracle architecture, contingency plans.

BI, CRM, ERP solutions.

Tlf: +57 3172948391
E-mail: wgarcia at iterosas dot com

Grupo Class One partner


Informatica y Tecnologia Red Operativa – ITERO S.A.S.
Gerente October 2015 – Present . Bogotá D.C., Colombia.


Carlos María Santillánes partner de Grupo Class one

Carlos María Santillán

En la Cumbre (Cordoba),

Carlos Santillan Consultor.

Very responsible, precise and meticulous person, active and flexible at work, without fear of new projects and challenges. Contact with people is very good, being at the same time firm in decisions but without stopping listening to others.

  • Gastronomic Consulting. Hotel and restaurant openings.
  • He advised companies such as ‘Club Americano de Buenos Aires’, ‘Buenos Aires Football’ and ‘Estancia El Rosario’.
  • Currently at Estancia El Rosario I opened a cafe, a cafe, a bar and grill, a grill and a store.

Tlf: +5493548466442
E-mail: csantillan at sonoma dot com dot es

Thank you Carlos for being our Distributor, we have known each other for many years and I know of your great value, since when you were in Spain, it is a great pride for Class One to have you.


Paul Chavez Cavero Egusquiza partner de Grupo Class one

Paul Chavez Cavero Egusquiza

Professional in customer / guest service and hospitality. Responsible and committed to the vision of the guests in each interaction, maintaining the desire to meet expectations that they usually have when moving or entering a hotel / restaurant.

I served in operational and functional positions in popular and high-demand restaurants. Then I had the privilege of meeting and learning the roles and value of being a senior supervisor for an international chain hotel. I worked with rigorous standards and normative policies for the correct functioning of the work, however I found it much more exciting and challenging to interact with people of different cosmo-vision who helped me improve my capacities such as: Teamwork, guidelines on results and understanding of the day to day of each of them.

Parallel to that experience, I was given the opportunity to apply the knowledge and redirect it to future professionals. The latter also fills me not only on a professional level but also on a human level.

Dirección: Urb. La Calera. Distrito de Surquillo, Lima (Perú).
Tlf: +51 956 139 513
E-mail: paulchavez dot pe at shms dot es

Grupo Class One partner

Continuing with the national-international expansion, we have been very fortunate to have as our representative for Peru, the great professional Paul Chavez Cavero Egusquiza  who will give the necessary support so that Class One is a benchmark in the computerization of hotels in that beautiful country.



Rodrigo Orozco


Viviana Carrasco es partner en América para Class One

Viviana Carrasco

With its own network of Delegates / Distributors in Mexico City, Querétaro and Costa Pacifico.

Tlf: +34 628 86 85 84
Tlf: + 52 1 55 514 5886
E-mail: rodrigo dot mx at shms dot es

Tlf: +34 657 30 05 31
E-mail: viviana dot mx at shms dot es

Grupo Class One partner
Partner Grupo Class One


Carlos Yacomo es partner de Grupo Class one

Carlos Yacomo

As part of the Federal Strategic Plan for Sustainable Tourism for the Cuyo Region, Class One collaborates as an active part in it and for this it makes the transfer of StarCRS (Central Reservation of Restaurants, Bars and Hotels), and thus The Cuyo Region will promote tourism and gastronomy through a web service accessible via mobile. It will offer Argentines and tourists geolocation of restaurants in the provinces of Mendoza, San Juan and San Luis, their table reservation and access to the promotions they wish to carry out, being able to register all the restaurants in the Cuyo region that they wish.

In addition, the Ministry of Tourism will encourage the different Restaurants to acquire the StarPL Restaurant 4.0 Class One system, subsidizing 60% of the price of the same during the first 2 years.

Tlf: +549 26 1588 4591
E-mail: carlosy at hotmail dot com

Cuyo es partner de Grupo Class one

We want to thank Carlos Yácomo, for the management he has done as a connoisseur and former employee of Class One and wish him every success as a Class One distributor in that Region..


Verónica Gutiérrez es partner de Grupo Class one

Verónica A. Gutiérrez

Covering the states of Guanabara RJ, Florianopolis – Santa Catarina, Angra dos Reis and Minas Gerais is our most appreciated collaborator, “Verónica”, who will answer any questions regarding the Restoration and Hospitality areas.

Tlf:+552 19 9985 3924
E-mail: comercial at classone dot es

Grupo Class One partner

We want to thank Verónica A. Gutiérrez, for her professionalism and wish her every success as a Class One distributor in said Region.

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