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Transcendental collaboration agreements signed with large companies that have trusted 100% in the benefits of Class One Group products and the professionalism of those who make up our company.

Ignacio Aranguren: Partner en Grupo Class One

Nacho Aranguren González

In the path of transcendental agreements, we have the honor of having signed a framework collaboration agreement of Class One Group with the firm ALDABA Partners,  Asesores Globales de Hoteles.

From Nacho, little can be added in the world of business and the hotel sector, his prestige is well recognized, after starting his professional career in 1983 at Coopers & Lybrand as auditor, he joined as Director of Investees in Corporación Financiera Reunida (COFIR) in 1989, being appointed General Director in 1992. After participating in the COFIR MBO in 1996, and after the merger with NH Hoteles (today NH Hotel Group, SA) in 1998, he was appointed General Director with responsibility for the areas of Development Corporate and Asset Management, functions he has performed until June 2017.

Nacho Aranguren González

Thank you Nacho Aranguren González-Tarrío, (founding partner of Aldaba Partners) for trusting us.

La Asociación Española de Directores de Hotel es partner de Grupo Class one

Continuing with our expansion in all aspects, Class One has signed a collaboration agreement with AEDH (Spanish Association of Hotel Directors), through which those hotels that are in the Association will benefit with certain advantages with respect to Class One products .

As a counter-provision by AEDH , the news will be published in the same way on its website, an email to all its associates, a premium banner on the Web Site, and being a recommended company as a PMS (Software for Hotels) provider.

We are grateful for all the previous work that has been done to achieve this agreement, provided by Manuel Vegas Lara (President of AEDH ) and by Josep María Lacondeguy

Joaquín Salas Sánchez es partner de Grupo Class one
Nethits es partner de Grupo Class one

NETHITS is a global provider of advanced solutions in the ICT sector. Specifically, NETHITS has more than 14 years of experience as an agent in the telecommunications sector, both as a Telecommunications Operator, and in its profile as a Technological Integrator specialized in the hotel sector.

Joaquín Salas Sánchez
NETHITS Director

Daniele es partner en España de Grupo Class One
IT+HS es partner en España de Grupo Class One

Nowadays it is increasingly important to have a modern and dynamic hotel management program. The PMS is once again of absolute relevance to aspire to have a centralization of all the applications and tools from different providers and thus close the circle. It is once again the heart and brain of the hotel.

Daniele Pesavento

E-mail: daniele at ithotelsolutions dot com

Tlf: +34 630 34 44 47

We adjust to the client, like an a la carte menu, the one who decides is you! It does not matter if you are a large or small business, we can surely help you

One of the fundamental aspects is the exceptional care that will be given to the relationship with the client. We are 100% involved in your project until you are completely satisfied.

For Class One Group it is a pleasure to have sales representatives in Galicia with such good marketing training and who at all times put the solution to the customer before the sale itself.

Viviana Carrasco Catania (A Coruña)

E-mail: viviana at avicavica dot com
Tlf: +34 657 30 05 31

Marilou Orozco Díaz (Ourense)

E-mail: marilou at shms dot es
Tlf: +34 657 30 05 31

Jesús Menéndez de HMG Hospitality es partner de Grupo Class one

HMG Hospitality “We are” Our mission is to guarantee the success of any hotel or tourist operation, through a global service and a personalized and expert treatment.

Jesús Menéndez

Tlf: +34 636 465 085

HMG Hospitality es partner de Grupo Class one

I have had the pleasure of having met Jesús Menéndez, it is nice to talk with true experts from the hotel world and the Restoration sector, these “rare avis” are no longer abundant.

Javier Sabariz

CEO Grupo Class One

Clickmobile es partner de Grupo Class one
Clickmobile es partner de Grupo Class one

Clickmobile SC It was created in 2013 with the intention of developing software applied to new mobile technologies. Currently, we have the best professionals specialized in the most demanded programming languages today (Objective C, JAVA, Javascript, PHP, HTML5, CSS3 etc.), strictly and formally complying with any pre-established deadline.

Integration Class One – Clickmobile The future of restoration is already present… Hardware and software merge into a device designed and thought exclusively for the catering sector, a comprehensive solution emerges that will revolutionize the customer’s experience when ordering products. Clickmobile Solutions & Class One Group sare the two companies responsible for designing this global solution, in which an interactive multi-touch table (ResTTable) uses as a software engine Class One.

Luis Villamediana es partner en España de Grupo Class One

Luis Villamediana Pérez, born in Madrid in 1960, studied tourism and a Master’s Degree in Hotel Management from the University of Alicante.

He has spent most of his professional life in the hospitality industry, going through almost all jobs until he became director, for 11 years, of the Belroy and Agir hotels, both 4 * and located in Benidorm.

Since 2016 dedicated to advising and consulting entrepreneurs and hospitality companies, whether in the area of accommodation or catering, analyzing needs and defining “what to do and how to do it”.

Luis Villamediana

Dirección: 03581 LÁlfas del Pí (Alicante)
Tlf: +34 647 43 06 36
fb: Villamediana.Luis
tw: @VillamedianaLui

To our Delegate for Levante, Luis Villamediana, a professional of whom there are unfortunately rather few, we welcome you and wish you the best of success in this new journey together.

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