Homologated Partner

MYMOID & Class One Group,

make an alliance to boost the Hospitality sector with a comprehensive solution for Smart Payments complying with PSD2 standards.

Class One Group, is pleased to present this new Interface.
Thanks to

Antonio Javier Sánchez // Curro Cejudo // Sara Rey


  1. Integration with the payment gateway directly for our guest-oriented web application, CWM – Customer Web Mobile, in which you could pay for the reservation or services contracted during the stay.
  2. Sending collection links by mail to pay bills.
  3. Tokenization of the cards through the generation of a link to the MyMOID platform that would be sent to the guest by email / SMS.
  4. To be able to make a payment using one of the tokens generated in the previous point, using the REUSE method.

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