Smart Seven Stars

A PMS is not enough, that's why we have created "Smart Hotel Management System"

Smart Seven Stars
it is not a common PMS

Class One has the SHMS (Smart Hotel Management System) considered the most important in the Spanish market and possibly one of the best in the world, complemented with its entire restaurant environment (POS, Warehouse and MICE), that is, we have All in One solutions , for the Hosteria and Catering sector to which we have exclusively dedicated ourselves since 1990.

First of all, to comment that we have focused on those points in which other PMS programs in the sector suffer (Y&R Management, KPI’so, Dashboard, Pickup,. Revenue Forecast Comparative Analysis, Yield planned comparative, CRM, Failures and maintenance, Budgeting (USALI), …), of course added to the “normal” functions of any PMS

Secondly, our mobile application, Customer Web Mobile, will mark a before and after in the world of hospitality in these times and with the issue of Covid so present.

It is the new culture, which implies great changes in the existing computer systems in hotels and their integration and also allows that in these times that we live the communication between the hotel and the clients is more efficient, this new module is one more arm of our Smart Seven Stars Hotel system.

Here I attach a presentation of our Company and the Hotel system and its Environment.

Smart Seven Stars - Grupo Class One

Smart Seven Stars

A SHMS (Smart Hotel Management System)
tailored to your hotel

Smart Seven Stars - Grupo Class One

We did it!
Automation + artificial intelligence profitability programmed through this tool will make Y&R Management easier.

Technology applied to Y&R Management allows us to automatically trigger the best rates at all times to optimize income and achieve the highest profitability for the hotel.

Your most efficient and profitable business!
Adequate and truthful information instantly, 22 x 3 KPI dashboards essential for agile decision-making.

Smart Seven Stars Class One

The Future is defined today!
Everything that is going to happen in the future visualized in an ideal way for a correct analysis. It allows us to decide tariff and marketing-sales actions to increase the sales of our hotel.


Intuitive and easy to learn


No more expensive servers, software requires minimal needs

Corporate Ready

Centralization and automatic corporate analysis:
Local - Central - Local


Multilanguage and Internationalization, adaptation to legislation

Price is everything!
Our tool helps you visualize it as specifically as possible in order to make appropriate changes and adjustments for a certain period. It also measures and foresees the possible cancellation of reservations that can affect pricing.

Controlled Interaction!
The management of the triggers, which Class One systems have, make the difference; They help to streamline and control important incidents and events.

Smart Seven Stars Class One

Interactive Dashboards: We ask the system and it responds, we can know present, past and future data and comparative with other years


There are no copyright costs


Complete installation in less than 25 minutes


Lower average incident rate of existing PMS


CRM, customer knowledge and loyalty program

Absolute automation,
Everything is integrated to be able to have precise dates and adequate information so that the calendar finds what is programmed and nothing is forgotten.
Total efficiency!

Smart Seven Stars Class One

Your potential clients in your hand!
All the information in a powerful tool that allows us to establish multiple parameters to break down customer information, so we can carry out specific campaigns.

Communication at all times!
We have an internal chat for each user, which has an identifier and messages (communication) can be established.

Smart Seven Stars Class One

Integrated QA!
Quality control integrated into the system, helps us to resolve the difference between customer opinion and criticism so that they always have the confidence that their opinion is very important.

Effective maintenance!
All the information is integrated into a powerful module for breakdowns, preventive maintenance and repairs.


Minimum initial investment, without obligation of permanence

24 X 7

Customer Service and Support

Rolling Update

Rolling update Continuous Update

Smart Seven Stars Class One

Always ready!
It is better to have everything previously controlled so that customers will always feel flattered. The system has more than 15 different Booking’s, Crib Booking, Parking Booking …
Total efficiency!

Smart Seven Stars Class One

Unique time management!
The planning of the Room Cleaning work is very important, so we have created an automatic formulation so that based on certain parameters we generate the cleaning times for the Rooms.

Smart Seven Stars Class One

Welcome foreigners!
We make it easy to convert and use currency to optimize reception work. Currency Foreign currency (OEC3 for Bank of Spain).

Smart Seven Stars Class One
Learning all the time!
Our system is distinguished from the others, since each user can set the language of use of their preference, which makes it a unique tool in the world! Currently available in: Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, Russian and Catalan.

We Save Everything!
Because having all the information at hand is the best way to grow. History of:

(Reservations / Stays – Occupation – Production)

Smart Seven Stars Class One

Smart Seven Stars

An advantageous
system that does it all for you

Smart Seven Stars Class One

Absolute Mobility !.
Access your Hotel from any location, with all the security and confidence of being able to carry out your administrative procedures as if you were in the facilities.

Smart Seven Stars Class One

Clean Information !. Cognitive search of the cardex, with all states and provinces (NUT II and III), and ISO2 / ISO3 of countries incorporated into the system. Photos and locations of the rooms are incorporated to facilitate the client’s choice or upgrade (pre-checkin).

a PMS is not enough,
that’s why we have created

“Smart Hotel Management

A new concept of management
hotel, with more functionalities
than a traditional PMS.

With a much lower cost than the usual Booking Engines on the market, its user experience is characterized by its agility and usability: it has a simple and intuitive interface (which allows you to easily make changes to the Type of Room, Number of Guests, Type of Scheme , Arrival and Departure Dates, etc.), calculates and instantly updates the total booking prices, even when several rooms are booked within the same process.

Smart Seven Stars Class One
Smart Seven Stars - Grupo Class One

Smart Seven Stars

A SHMS (Smart Hotel Management System)
tailored to your hotel

Smart Seven Stars - Grupo Class One


It is intuitive and easy to learn. Even for users unfamiliar with the world of computer applications.


Its agile handling. handling facilitates the reduction of waiting times at reception.


These are finished and debugged systems, free of errors.


Smart Seven Starts that adapts to establishments of all kinds, regardless of their size, in which country they are located, etc.


It guarantees, for all its clients, the security of all data.


It makes exclusive functionalities available to the hotel, not present in any other application of the Hotel Sector.

Grupo Class One

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