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Controlling your restaurants

Its comprehensive management system for BAR-Cafeteria, the simplest and most powerful on the market, integrates Retail-Supermarket, in a single system, with the latest technologies, you can control fraud in your business. BI – Find out and act on the important facts in your business. Management based on customer relationships. Optimized layout for any user role

Here I attach a presentation of our Company and the F&B system.

StarPOS - Grupo Class One


Tailored to your establishment.
The new version of our product,
named StarPOS 4.0.
is the result of this project

StarPOS - Grupo Class One

Friendly A waiter does not need to know the application, he senses it on the screen itself. Easy incorporation of new personnel. With the minimum of clicks, a ticket is made, charged or charged to Mesa.

With all the experience in the sector, a very simple to use system has been achieved, highly configurable and always taking maximum care of aesthetics, therefore each client can have the program they want.

Our Clients have names and surnames, they are part of the system. Payment Methods, in addition to the traditional forms of Payment, our clients can pay by Points, Loyalty Card, Wallet Card and Hotel / Restaurant Charge. All these and many more business rules, which have been refined over the years, would not currently make sense without the application of the incorporation of the latest technologies in the sector (integration with other platforms, mobility, exploitation in Cloud mode. ..). The new version of our product, named StarPOS 4.0, is the result of this project.

Immediate response Business Intelligence functionalities, which allow taking instantaneous measures at the precise moment. If a table exceeds a certain amount, an SMS will be sent instantly to the manager on duty, so she will know immediately that there is someone special in her Cafeteria.


Intuitive and easy to learn


Access with your phone

Your Reservation

Extend your Reservation


Multilanguage and Internationalization, adaptation to legislation

We have integrated into the same system the 2 different most important possibilities on the market (Bar / Cafeteria and Retail). There is a third possibility, which is for Large Accounts, a data input version, 100% adapted to the End Customer.

In the Catering sector, the management of the different departments determines their profitability. When in the Warehouse Application Warehouse 4.0, a delivery note is entered in the Retail / Supermarket Department, and it is detected that an item has changed in price with respect to the last one it had, the system reacts by indicating if we want to change it from the List of Supermarket Prices.

Increase Profitability, analyze data mining by reporting accurate and clear profitability reports, for decision-making by the Board of Directors, as well as by other decision centers.

My KPI’s are correct, and I have them immediately and comparative.

BI, Profitability, Control


There are no copyright costs


It is a URL (Web page), you do not have to "download" any app


Zero average incident rate


CRM, customer knowledge and loyalty program


The analysis of the behavior of our clients will not provide the necessary knowledge to make critical decisions and define business strategies.

The information of our clients is maximized. You will be able to analyze in the same way which drinks and dishes the selected customers have consumed, as well as of a certain item / dish that customers have consumed. The information of our clients is maximized. You will be able to analyze your clients by number of visits, amounts consumed, location … and with the data obtained you will be able to carry out the commercial actions that you consider appropriate, email or SMS campaigns.

Without forgetting that our customers will value our restaurants and dishes, and that they will be able to share information on social networks directly from the application, as well as provide criticism, which will always be useful to achieve an improvement in our quality of service.



It has a Front capable of meeting the highest demands for usability, friendliness, power ...,

At the Front level, you have options that do not exist or are considering other similar systems.


Minimum initial investment, without obligation of permanence

24 X 7

Customer Service and Support

Rolling Update

Rolling update Continuous Update

Continuing with our culture of incorporating new tools in POS systems, and thanks as always to our clients, this new option has been incorporated.

Dashboard Popularity, is interactive reacting to the desired date, giving us the data so that we can know if our policy on certain dishes or families of dishes is correct. The information you provide is the consumption ratio of a dish, group of dishes, family, article, group of articles, group of group of dishes / items, …, referring to the number of tables that have been occupied, the people we have had, or the tickets that have been issued.

This information is very visual, three years (month to month), three months (day to day), with its consequent graphics.


The most important thing for Class One is the profitability of our customers. A restaurant that boasts in addition to its traditional objectives, (good food, customers, attention, …), must be profitable. We have observed that most of the existing systems in the market forget this objective, having the restaurant to resort to external methods not dependent on the system. We have incorporated sufficiently sophisticated tools, without ceasing to be simple, with which, in addition to a good Front, an unbeatable BackOffice can be obtained.
StarPOS - Grupo Class One


An advantageous system
that does it all for you

StarPOS - Grupo Class One

The design of the application greatly facilitates its use for any user role Management, Waiter, Customer, Cost Control …). From the application itself you can access the manuals, in which there is a search engine to find any type of doubt and videos of basic functionalities.

It is also fully responsive, it adapts to any device that has a compatible internet browser.

We believe that your waiters without training will easily learn StarPOS 4.0.


Anti-fraud control configurable security levels.

Each waiter must be identified on each ticket. The form of identification of each waiter can be by different methods: (typing it on the screen, by keyboard, by card reader (each waiter will have their magnetic card), Bracelets with proximity reader, Fingerprint, …

“Z” Blind. The waiters will not have information on “X’s”, nor “Z’s”, at the time they make the “Z” they will give the amounts they have collected in each Box. The Intervention Control suite represents one of the main points to take into account, where we will check Collected and Ticado.

When performing the “Z”, the consumption of the items sold in each POS in the Warehouse is automatically updated, and thus we will know the Profitability of each Department at all times.

Direct integration with the rest of the Web 4.0 applications (StarEcon Warehouse, StarPL Restaurant, StarCard Wallet Card, StarEvent Events, Weddings, Banquets, … and of course they link with our Accounting and Hotel.

StarPOS - Grupo Class One


The system has an accounting tool in which you can see all your SALES movements of the different Departments, classified by accounting accounts that you will configure to your liking

StarPOS - Grupo Class One


It is intuitive and easy to learn. Even for users unfamiliar with the world of computer applications.


Its agile handling. handling facilitates the reduction of waiting times at reception.


These are finished and debugged systems, free of errors.


StarPOS that adapts to establishments of all kinds, regardless of their size, in which country they are located, etc.


It guarantees, for all its clients, the security of all data.


It makes exclusive functionalities available to the hotel, not present in any other application of the Hotel Sector.

Grupo Class One

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