"MICE - Banquet and Event Orders"


StarBEO is an independent system, although totally interrelated with Warehouse, Restaurant and Hotel management, from which it obtains a large part of the information with which it operates.

StarBEO (Banquet and Event Orders), offers a comprehensive solution for the management and control of Events.

StarBEO began its journey in 1993 with the mechanization of a large Hotel, which also specialized in events, and with great prestige and honor celebrating them in its wonderful facilities. At that time, this hotel already held more than 365 events a year, with a very high percentage of weddings, high-level company meals,… and its Restaurant was also a benchmark in the area. We were lucky that José Vicente, the person in charge of the control, showed us all the operational mechanics of the Service Orders, and their corresponding link with the Commissary and Restaurant.

“What good paellas we have eaten and the exquisite lobster gazpacho”.

Here I attach a presentation of our Company and the Event system.

StarBEO - Grupo Class One


Banquet and Event Orders

StarBEO - Grupo Class One


StarBEO, Banquet and Event Orders, offers a comprehensive solution for the management and control of Events. It offers, among others, the following functionalities:



Complete management of the different OS (BEO, Banquet Event Order) of the System: Identification and Analysis of the associated information.

Complete monitoring: Budget, Customer Communication, Realization, Cost and Defaults.

Agility in the preparation and presentation of any Budget.

Follow-up of pending, budgeted, carried out and failed.

Notice System.

Automation of sending to Clients (email, SMS, …).

Comprehensive Customer Management.

Reuse of BEOs (Boards of Directors, company meetings, Wedding «same or similar to», etc.).

Purchase needs study considering the actual stocks of our Warehouse

Helps to perform purchase calculations for a BEO, for a specific period, etc.

Connection with Hotel Lounges (in preparation phase).

Visual calendars (optimization of planning processes).

Possibility of assigning different Status to each BEO, to improve Booking Management.

Integrates and complements the management of Restaurant Dishes.

Profitability Analysis for Menus and / or Dishes


Intuitive and easy to learn


No more expensive servers, software requires minimal needs


Centralization and automatic corporate analysis: Local - Central - Local


Multilanguage and Internationalization, adaptation to legislation

OS / BEO – it is becoming more and more normal for an Event to take place in stages, both on the same day and on successive days. Some examples:
  • Bachelor party the day before at the Disco, Coffee-Break in the morning and later the wedding itself.
  • Presentation of the Book in one room and later Coffee-Break in another
  • Lunch in a Lounge and Open Bar in the Pool

The design of the application greatly facilitates the use of it for any user role (Management, Warehouseman, Cost Control, Sales Representatives, Responsible for Accommodations – Reservations Rooms, Technical Service – Assembly, …).

Fully responsive, it adapts to any device that has a compatible internet browser.

We believe that your sales representatives will be able to start selling events without fear of overbooking, your chefs will be able to easily forecast their purchase forecasts, their financiers can observe Break Even returns,…, without the need for training, they will easily learn to use StarBEO 4.0.



There are no copyright costs


Complete installation in less than 25 minutes


NULL average incident rate


CRM, customer knowledge and loyalty program

The system has an accounting tool in which you can see all your accounting movements that originate from the StarBEO application, classified by accounting accounts that you will configure as you like.

This data can be easily exported to any accounting application, as well as to CSV, PDF or text.


Minimum initial investment, without obligation of permanence

24 X 7

Customer Service and Support

Rolling Update

Rolling update Continuous Update

StarBEO - Grupo Class One


Banquet & Event Orders

StarBEO - Grupo Class One


It is intuitive and easy to learn. Even for users unfamiliar with the world of computer applications.


Its agile handling. handling facilitates the reduction of waiting times at reception.


These are finished and debugged systems, free of errors.


StarBEO that adapts to establishments of all kinds, regardless of their size, in which country they are located, etc.


It guarantees, for all its clients, the security of all data.


It makes exclusive functionalities available to the hotel, not present in any other application of the Hotel Sector.

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