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All the business rules, which have been refined over the years, and the incorporation of a new generation of young computer engineers to our staff of employees, contribute to the success of this project, contributing a whole new culture of behavior. . Millenium and «Y» «Z» generation.
The Millennium generation has brought into our environment the so-called “digital natives”: individuals for whom the use of technology is part of their ordinary life from their first years of age, they have been born and raised with at least one electronic device at their fingertips and for them new technologies are not mysterious and complicated practices that must be adapted to.

Your world is interconnected, it is technological and global. And, of course, they will be the big consumers of the next decade. They were born with new technologies, so they always hope to obtain speed and efficiency; They always move together with the internet and their mobile phones, with which they plan and book their travel experiences, value offline experiences and seek integration with the local culture of the destinations they visit.

They are the ‘now’ generation, they seek speed, immediacy and real-time information, they make comments, consult different sources before booking, they like local experiences and demand free high-quality Wi-Fi access.

To provide technological coverage to these needs, Class One, has developed a whole system applying the 4-layer technology methodology, Web development, responsive design, and respecting business rules (our backpack for more than 30 years), achieving integration so far nonexistent on the market.

See a commercial dossier where all the possibilities of the application are detailed

StarCRS - Grupo Class One


Central Reservation Systems
Reservation System for Bars and Restaurants

StarCRS - Grupo Class One


StarCrS (Central Reservation System) as its name indicates is a Reservation Center for Restaurants, Bars and Cafes, and Hotels. Likewise, this application is also integrated with the rest of the packages of the Suite of the Class One Group .




StarCrS, is a Centralized Reservation System with the following characteristics:


All establishments will be geolocated.

Searches may be carried out by criteria other than geolocation.


Reservations in any of the establishments associated or belonging to the Corporate.

Direct reservations to Class One systems, or email to those who do not have Class One.


Home Delivery or Take Away.
Class One systems mandatory.


Our clients will value the establishments, their valuation being visible to the rest of them.


The establishments can make different promotions of your business.


At the corporate level, those events that are considered appropriate may be publicized, and if allowed, the establishments may also publish them.


The Millennium generation marks the evolution of the sector in the coming years. Class One, aware of this new scenario, has developed a powerful, simple and independent Central Reservation.

The centralization at one point of the data belonging to our Clients. The implications for corporate use are immediate. It does not matter whether the customer is on their Smartphone, paying at any of the Bars and Cafeterias attached to the program, making reservations at Restaurants, Bars and Hotels, or at the restaurant itself selecting the dishes that are going to be served, …

Each restaurant will only access the data that each client has generated in their restaurant, the rest remaining invisible, not in HeadQuarters.


Its registration requires some minimum information (Name, Telephone, Email and your password). Registration will be activated by confirming the code sent by SMS to your phone. There is the option to take over your data from your Facebook account. A very simple to use system has been achieved and always taking maximum care of aesthetics, speed, and reliability.

Mobile identification guarantees the true identity of the Client, giving us absolute reliability in knowing who makes the reservations, evaluations, orders, …

Our Clients have first and last names, they are part of the system.

Easy / Friendly A client does not need to know the application, he senses it on the screen itself. The first thing it captures are the promotions that you have included in the Reservation Center. Once you have selected the location, you can limit to only Restaurants, Hotels or Bars, as well as a certain category. It can be ordered by list of Establishments according to valuation, alphabetical, by prices and by promotions.

When you have selected the Establishment, in addition to Book, Order, Rate or Consult the Letter, you will be able to perform a series of very useful functions: Go to your Web Site, call by phone in a single click, send you an email, Copy your data Wifi -SSID / Password, or send a WhatsApp to the person with whom you have stayed, where all the information of the Establishment will appear (Name, address, telephone, and direct location of Google Maps).

The Reservation system is currently in 12 languages, being able to incorporate the additional languages that are desired at any time.

You can decide, Near me, or select another place (in this case the Central proposes it with autofill). Once the location has been selected, it will indicate those Restaurants, Hotels and Bars close to it. When there are several, it indicates how many there are in different circles, by clicking on the number we will decrease until we can see the ones we want.

Your location must be allowed on the phone and the browser.

Nowadays it is very important that they see us, get it doing the best promotion of your business. Encourage those days with less influx with a discount, happy hour, 2 × 1, …

A client usually always looks at those establishments that have offers and if they are to his liking, it is very likely that he no longer insists on looking for more, he will make the reservation for you.


The information of our clients is maximized. You will be able to analyze your customers by number of visits, amounts consumed, diners, average per cover, sales channel, location … and with the data obtained you will be able to carry out the commercial actions that you consider appropriate, email or SMS campaigns.

You will also be able to analyze which dishes the selected customers have consumed, as well as which customers have consumed a certain dish.

Without forgetting that our customers will value our restaurants and dishes, and that they will be able to share information on social networks directly from the application, as well as provide criticism, which will always be useful to achieve an improvement in our quality of service.

  • Payment by Points, obtained for previous consumptions.
  • The system can retain its Clients with exclusive special offers for them.
  • Policy of rewards for objectives achieved (number of visits, amounts consumed, clients presented, …).
  • The Client will always know what they have consumed in the Restaurant, Cafeteria,…, the points they have accumulated, the reservations they have made,…

he design of the application facilitates its use for any user role: (Management, waiter, customer …). Our clients can be part of the system, being able to perform functions that they did not imagine some time ago. With all the experience in the sector, a very simple to use system has been achieved, very configurable and always taking maximum care of aesthetics, therefore each client can feel very comfortable using the application.

It is also fully responsive, it adapts to any device that has a compatible internet browser.

The Extranet data for the Establishment is easily accessible, the Manager being able at any time to vary the parameters that govern their establishment in the Reservation Center.

StarCRS - Grupo Class One


Your franchise needs a Reservation Center Class One makes it easy

StarCRS - Grupo Class One


It is intuitive and easy to learn. Even for users unfamiliar with the world of computer applications.


Its agile handling. handling facilitates the reduction of waiting times at reception.


These are finished and debugged systems, free of errors.


StarCrS that adapts to establishments of all kinds, regardless of their size, in which country they are located, etc.


It guarantees, for all its clients, the security of all data.


It makes exclusive functionalities available to the hotel, not present in any other application of the Hotel Sector.

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