2018-04-30 StarPOS release 18.05

We released version 18.05, although many of the improvements / extensions were already in use by customers, we want to highlight the global set of all of them, which makes StarPOS unique and without any type of competition currently in the sector, it is For this reason, in Class One we like to say that we play in another league.

Anti-fraud Cash

A fairly common problem “unfortunately” is one in which the customer is presented with the pre-invoice and he decides to pay in cash. At this point the bad waiter decides that a part of said cash is going to be kept in mind, his next action is to cancel certain items from the invoice and proceed to collect them for the rest.

Informatically we cannot avoid it, but if we know it, in Class One, we have put a new 100% effective tool for its detection.

KPI’s – Dashboard

KPI’s Dashboard direct and impressive.

In our constant research within the sector, to report a greater knowledge of the ownership of establishments, as one more option (option 21), from our Business Intelligence we show in a single screen 21 triple and comparative KPI’s (current, weekly, monthly ). It is a great pride for Class One to have detected new KPI’s of proven effectiveness that still do not have a name in the sector. Of course there are all the usual known RevPASH, RevPATH, Bounce Rate, …

Currency exchange.

Many restaurants can find themselves with the problem (the customer wants to pay them in their currency).

We have added in this version, a utility to carry out and control these situations on the part of the restorer, in the invoice the total in the requested currency, double signed receipt for the client-restaurant, and total compliance with the OEC3 / 2 models to be presented in the Bank of Spain


Time to Marquet. 

Up to 8 immediate triggers to the management, responsible for the Restaurant, …, indicating by means of an SMS / email, that there is a client who has ordered a special wine, or that such a table has an expense greater than … ,


New homologation.

We have added CashDro to the family of Cash Management Drawers.

Other improvements (even before this version).

Documented-Auditable: Cash Fund, Cash Withdrawal / Income, Payment to suppliers by Cash.

Inclusion and control of cents (countries like Canada, Sweden, Hungary, …), for cash payments cents are not allowed.

Tips Treatment. Why can’t we let our customers tip for VISA? Class One, gives us this option even if the said SUPPLIED appears on the invoice to the client so that its administration can make a correct accounting imputation, avoiding the cumbersome control of pocket money (which for a manager when traveling may have a certain importance).

TimeOut control of waiters.

And some more minor