The ideal complement for hotels with SPAs and Spas "StarSPA"


is not just another SPA system
we have crossed the border again

Our “penultimate” system. Recently created in which we have incorporated the latest common technologies into the programs Class One

First of all, I want to thank the total collaboration we have had from “my old friend” Ana Chamizo Catalán, possibly one of the best experts in SPA and Spas, who together with her husband Carlos Irigoyen run the Castilla Termales chain.

Second, we have applied AI techniques, in the assignments of shifts according to complex algorithms that study the best planning according to various characteristics.

Our new system is incorporated independently but still with full integration into our Smart Seven Stars Hotel program, as if it were just another module, without there being any SPA’s that do not belong to Hotels.

See a commercial dossier where all the possibilities of the application are detailed

StarSPA - Grupo Class One


Management of SPA

StarSPA - Grupo Class One

Easy/Friendly A simple and easy to “manipulate” agenda (as long as pre-established rules are met), adapted to mouse movements.

It allows us to add treatments related to any Reservation, change shifts, cabins, …

Any additional languages you want can be added at any time.

Spanish and English are always by default.

On the screen itself, he answers the questions we want to ask him


Intuitive and easy to learn


No more expensive servers, software requires minimal needs

Corporate Ready

Centralization and automatic corporate analysis:
Local - Central - Local


Multilanguage and Internationalization, adaptation to legislation

It contemplates specific SPA:
  • Cabin Types
  • Cabins
  • Types of Treatments
  • Treatments
  • Programs
  • Articles
  • Specialties
  • Therapists
  • Pathologies

The different views of the planning can be personalized according to the needs of the users who are going to use them


There are no copyright costs


Complete installation in less than 25 minutes


Lower average incident rate of similar products on the market


CRM, customer knowledge and loyalty program

We have all the necessary data of the Clients to know them better, and thus achieve the best loyalty, which in the end will result in greater benefits.

Least effort

Maximum immediacy


Minimum initial investment, without obligation of permanence

24 X 7

Customer Service and Support


Continuous Rolling Update

Optimization of Human Resources using AI algorithms

StarSPA - Grupo Class One


Solution "ALL IN ONE SPA" integrated in Hotel

StarSPA - Grupo Class One


It is intuitive and easy to learn. Even for users unfamiliar with the world of computer applications.


Its agile handling. handling facilitates the reduction of waiting times at reception.


These are finished and debugged systems, free of errors.


A StarSPA that adapts to establishments of all kinds, regardless of their size, in which country they are located, etc.


It guarantees, for all its clients, the security of all data.


It makes exclusive functionalities available to the hotel, not present in any other application of the Hotel Sector.

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Mechanized hotels


External interfaces


Years of experience


Independent Systems

Grupo Class One