2010. November FIRJAN Brazil

2010-11-02 2010. November FIRJAN Brazil Galicia-Rio de Janeiro Business Meeting FIRJAN headquarters Class One , participated in the conference held on Tuesday, November 23 in Rio de Janeiro, in which they participated in addition to the President of FIRJAN and the President of the Construction Union , among others: Mr. Temporary Amaury . Director International … Read more

Class One Brazil “Call center”

2010-11-02 Class One Brazil “Call center”   Class One Brazil “Call center” Class One , will make the official opening of its “call center” in Brazil, on November 23, 2010. During these dates it coincides with the annual meeting organized by FOEXGA, and in which we will have the institutional and personal support of the … Read more

Class One Brazil. 2009

2009-04-18 2009 Brazil 18-26 April   Different agreements have been made for the consolidation of Class One Brazil always in the hands of Commander Denny Gutierrez, here is a brief review of the same: We thank Mr. Sérgio Nogueira , Superintendent of ABIH-RJ (Associação Brasileira da Indústria Hoteleira do Estado do Rio de Janeiro), the … Read more