2017-08-25 StarPOS release 17.07

We released version 17.07, although many of the improvements / extensions were already in use by customers, we want to highlight the global set of all of them, which makes StarPOS unique and without any type of competition currently in the sector.

Status Table Management

From a simple visual, you will know:

  • Which tables are free
  • What tables are reserved
  • What Tables are Waiting for Kitchen and what is missing to serve (Starters, Firsts, Seconds, …)
  • What tables are served.
  • Which tables are pending payment

Backed (though not essential), Kitchen Screen.


Second information screen + advertising.

If you have touch screens with 2 screens, on the second screen, you will be “turning” the advertising that you consider important for your business, and at the time of signing the client will be seeing what is being done.

CRM through app or URL indistinctly for Smartphone.

Our StarCrS (Central Reservation System) system, in double mode (app / url).


Seasonal cards.

The concept of Seasonal Letters (Hunting Week, Lamb Week, …) is included, and why not, for those restaurants that distinguish between Breakfast and Meals (Breakfast Menu, Snack Menu).

This achieves greater agility when it comes to ticar by the waiters.

Food pre-order

Competition in catering is increasingly intense and our obligation is to make our bar / restaurant profitable.

Order food before arriving at the restaurant.

Those customers with minimal time for meals are grateful to us, reducing waiting times, fluidity and planning in operations, which will achieve a greater rotation of the tables.

Our integrated CRM system will allow you to apply loyalty techniques with discounts according to consumption in the different establishments that your chain has.

  • From Smartphone “off site” (externally)
    • Take away
    • Home Delivery
    • Reservation

Order directly “on site”.

  • From Kioscos “on site”
    • Take away
    • Order “on site”
  • From Tables “on site”
    • Intelligent multi-touch command order tables.
    • Tables for direct orders from the Tables.
    • Direct order orders from the Tables by the client’s Smartphone

And of course Payment from the mobile, and since we have CRM, why not pay with our own points generated from a loyalty system, or from our Paypal account, …

The option of sending email from the Tablet to the Client’s Smartphone is included, so that they can pay from their own mobile without the risk of leaving their Credit Card data on any other device.

The repercussions of these operating patterns are self-explanatory