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Many years ago when mechanizing a hotel, its director told us that it would be good if customers could buy a card with a certain balance upon arrival, and thus be able to pay at all points of sale. With this, Christiane explained to me, they apparently achieve that the Client, (by giving it to their children, …), would better control the expense that is produced.

The reality is that the Client is being forced to consume in the Hotel. On the other hand, if the design of the card is “nice”, the customer, even if he has little balance left, does not get it back, he prefers to take it to Germany as a souvenir.

That was the origin of the Monedero Card, in the year 2.004. In this new re-platforming (conversion of the systems to Web 4.0), we have expanded the objective of the same, since it is now part of the corporate one, and also, if desired, it is associated with a client (name and surname). This is part of the forms of payment in StarCrS (Central Reservations), being able to pay in the establishments that are associated, a mechanism similar to the Restaurant Tickets.

In April 2016, the Hotel was renewed to Web 4.0, and the results continue to be spectacular, in high season sales averages over 5,000 euros / day.

In short, one more product of the Web 4.0 family, with the aim of being a Prepaid card, valid for use in all our applications.

See a commercial dossier where all the possibilities of the application are detailed

StarCARD - Grupo Class One


Prepaid Card

StarCARD - Grupo Class One

With all the experience in the sector, a very simple to use system has been achieved, highly configurable and always taking maximum care of aesthetics, therefore each client can have the program they want. It provides us with visual tools to control card balances at all times, and all the movements made by the client at the different points of sale that the establishments associated with the Monedero Card have.

In addition, there are online manuals within the application with explanatory videos on how to use it


Direct integration with the rest of the Web 4.0 applications, which have payment methods (StarPL – Restaurant, StarRetail – POS Retail, StarPOS – POS Bars-Cafeterias), and of course they link with our Accounting.

All the information that the system registers through the previous functionalities allows the Program to have a powerful CRM module, by being able to control the clients associated with StarCard.




The StarCrS application has a set utilities that enable optimizing the Management of payments at a Corporate level:

Corporate Pre-Payment

Purchasable in any of the chain´s Establishments.

Card is completely identified.

Used for expenses control on behalf of Management/Direction in internal payments, or else, of Customers who get it as a Gift Card.

POS Payment

Swiftness in Payment at all Corporate POS´s.

In all payments, tickets indicate the previous balance and the current balance remaining after using the card.

Customer Management

Control of expenses made by the Client.

Used in family Resorts for children to be able to purchase goods without the need of carrying cash..


Control of the collection made of Prepaid Card sales.

Checking the Forms of Payment with which those cards have been topped up.


At all times you may know which payments have been made with each card.

You may know which payments have been made per establishment or POS.


And is the case with all Class One applications, you´ll get an accounting reflection of every operation made.



At all times you will be able to know the balances of the cards that are active, the consumptions that each Card has made individually or by set of cards, in its different establishments, the time in which a client has not consumed and has a balance, …

The system has an accounting tool in which you can see all your entry movements, transfers between departments, consumptions, losses and the posting of delivery notes (invoices pending receipt), classified by accounting accounts that you will configure to your liking.

This data can be easily exported to any accounting application, as well as to CSV, PDF or text.

StarCARD - Grupo Class One


Wallet Card
Prepaid Card

StarCARD - Grupo Class One

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