Customer Web Mobile

Mobile Smartphone where the whole "Touch-Free Stay" culture is applied

Customer Web Mobile

CWM, is a loyalty tool

Direct communication between the CLIENT and the HOTEL, an interactive system equipped with a graphical and responsive interface, allows the hotel client to carry out operations directly from their cell phone with the Hotel.

Class One customers already have software that:
  • It allows the cancellation of queues at reception, “out of queues”, with our Customer Web Mobile system, customers will make express check-in (they will show their passport – if the police allow this requirement to be waived since all the data digitized, and they will go to the room)
  • The client from her Smartphone and without downloading any app, will be able to perform all those functions that were previously needed to go to reception.
  • And what happens in the restaurant, you can order the food “take away”, or sit at the table and from your phone select the products you want to consume, and when paying, do it from your mobile and leave. >
A new era begins, the change is going to be brutal , therefore your hotel must be prepared with the latest generation technology, customers will no longer want to see “so much” the staff, Human resources of the hotels will be minimized with a higher quality-specialization of those who have the responsibility, for that reason they will have to handle tools for what 5 people used to do, now those functions can be performed by only one and if possible with a substantial improvement. Finally, we would like to thank you for dedicating your time in these special moments and we hope to give you a warm welcome on board again in the near future, which is already a reality for us. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Works are loves and not good words we attach an explanation of our CWM system.

Here I attach a presentation of our Company and the Hotel system and its Environment.

CWM - Customer Web Mobile - Grupo Class One

Customer Web Mobile

Product on Market in July - 2019
"no" Wildgen we did not know that COVID-19 would come

CWM - Customer Web Mobile - Grupo Class One
It is the element of direct communication through a SMARTPHONE between the CLIENT and the HOTEL in those functions that do not require the intervention of the reception staff: Express Check In, Pre-Checking In / Out, In-House, Consierge.
The computer change in the current Hotel Management systems is not valid if it is not achieved that our Guests are an active part of the system. Hotels that use disruptive technologies in their customer relationships will be the leaders. Terry Von Bibra, vice president of Alibaba in Europe, “ technology is not only there to innovate, but must be used to do something bigger, to help consumers and make the whole process easier and more agile ”. The largest online commerce company is a paradigm case because it has assumed that “interaction with customers is the battlefield of tomorrow.” In this sense, Niraj Dawar highlights Amazon’s efforts aimed at reducing the cost of this interaction. Being aware of this need, Class One always in its constant process of using disruptive technologies , launches our module “ Customer Web Mobile – CWM ” and we are already starting to get on our particular supersonic plane.

Within the hotel information, in addition to all the relevant characteristics of our establishment that we want to show customers, there is another important section: Where to find us?

There we will show the address of the establishment with its exact location on Google Maps, which is a guest that can be shared directly with whoever wants to use Whatsaap .

Within this section you will also find the direct link to the hotel website and links to the social networks that have been configured.

In addition, the direct contact forms available to you will also be available

We offer our clients such as:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Contact reception through WhatsApp


Intuitive and easy to learn


Access with your phone

Your Reservation

Extend your Reservation


Multilanguage and Internationalization, adaptation to legislation

My Account

In this section you will have the option to complete your personal data, add photos to your user profile, your signature or link / unlink your user account with your social media accounts.

It will be very useful for customers to have filled in all the data on their profile, since it will avoid them having to do it again in the different forms of the application by using the It’s me button that will appear in them. .

The guest will receive an email, sent automatically when the date of their reservation approaches, when they check-in for their stay or after checking-out. In these emails, a connection link will be sent to the CWM so that our guests can access certain functionalities according to their current needs.

Email Pre Check -In

This email will be received by the client when the date of their stay approaches. It will contain a link that will direct you directly to the Precheckin options for that reservation. If the user has logged in, the link will be direct. If you are not logged in, you must enter your last name to verify your identity.

The client may provide the personal data of each of the guests that make up the reservation. The data will be sent immediately to the PMS, updating the reservation data.


There are no copyright costs


It is a URL (Web page), you do not have to "download" any app


Zero average incident rate


CRM, customer knowledge and loyalty program

You can upload photos, take your data directly from the DNI / Passport, or even Facial Recognition.

Integrated QA!
Quality control integrated into the system, helps us to resolve the difference between customer opinion and criticism so that they always have the confidence that their opinion is very important.

Effective maintenance!
All the information is integrated into a powerful module for breakdowns, preventive maintenance and repairs.

Both in the Reservation (when arriving at the Hotel), as in the Departure, you can reserve that they pick you up at the Airport or that they take you

From the Check Out section, the guest can request an invoice for their Outstanding Charges and pay it using the different means of payment that we will make available to them. , or with an advance if you have one.

In the same way, you will have at your disposal the list of all the invoices for your stay, both paid and pending, that appear in your name and you can make the payment of the pending.

Once you are free of both charges and pending bills, you may proceed to check out your room, as long as the date corresponds to the departure date of your stay.

In the case of having pending charges from the agency or other guests of the stay, the guest will be redirected to direct contact with the reception staff.


Our CWM would be incomplete if we didn’t connect it to our Restaurant systems, in version 4.1.

The different confirmations are given, as in the Hotel Restaurant.

And the order confirmation email is sent.

It is important to know that if Hotel Cargo is decided and the guest does not have the proper authorization, the request will be canceled.


Customer Web Mobile

The client "works" for us

In My Reservations the client will be able to access the complete list of his future reservations in our establishment, in case of multi-hotel to those of all the hotels of the chain. From each of the reservations on the list you can directly access the Precheckin option of the same, where you will complete your data and you can configure, as we have already seen, the different options for your future stay.

In My Stays the client will be able to access the history of all their stays in our hotel. In each element of the list you can consult the Invoices of that stay and consult or complete the Survey of quality of the Hotel in case you have not done it with anteriority.

The quality survey will only be available for editing during the 15 days following its check out, after which time it will only be available for consultation.

In the case of multi-hotel, the direct link to your Booking Engine can also be shown, to facilitate in this way the Reservation in a hotel where you have already stayed previously.

CWM - Customer Web Mobile - Grupo Class One

Customer Web Mobile

The only effective solution with COVID-19

CWM - Customer Web Mobile - Grupo Class One

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