Allar Fiscal-Financial Analytical-Departmental Accounting.

Working “remote” is no longer a choice

Available Allar Contabilidad Web version 4.0, my always companion (J. Sabariz 1981 first version M20 of Olivetti).

Allar has more than 2000 facilities to his credit, with clients of the most varied types: Construction Companies, Air shipments, Banking, Business Organizations, Business Groups, Multi-nationals, Cigar, shotgun, matrix, …, Security companies, consulting, advisory, audiovisual consulting, TV, …, Hotels, Restaurants, …, and installed in various countries: Sweden, England, Italy, Greece, USA, France, Germany, Holland , Japan,…

One utility of the current version is the immediate incorporation of the Accounts Plans and Accounting Reports necessary for the good accounting of the following countries: Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Chile

In the Class One Group we believe in “remote” work, for that reason all our systems were made under this premise and Allar of course complies with it. Based on our culture of being prepared to work remotely, thanks to this during this quarantine stage we have taken advantage of it, if possible even more, to give the great acceleration to Allar’s re-platforming.

To highlight

  • Know-how of almost 40 years
  • Usability and friendliness as it does not exist in the market
  • Power, goes where other accounting cannot, with its powerful report generators, you can do from the official reports that are necessary to analysis reports of Balances or American-style reports (USALI type)
  • Its speed and accessibility is immediate, in our Quality control we have tested with more than 100 different companies, more than 6 million notes, …, and access to queries, balances, visualizations, …, the answer is its immediacy .
  • Accessibility is governed by Roles and their Granulation, in addition to the restriction of access per user to the indicated Companies-Accounting.
  • Useful, check your Bank accounts, Suppliers, Clients, …, or Bank Check by crossing bank data for Q43, obtain immediate results balance, instantaneous graphs of evolution of cash flows, sales, …
  • Any report with the push of a button is sent by email immediately.
  • Any report with the push of a button can be sent to Excel immediately.
  • The treatment of taxation has a coverage never seen in other systems in such a way that it can be adapted to the legislation of any country, without affecting in the least the standard of creation of the movements and without cost, therefore, in its introduction. Of course, the “sii” automatism is preserved from the previous version.
  • As in the rest of the applications, those reports that are sensitive, or that we must keep for future use, are stored in the LVDE (Virtual Book of Strategic Decisions).
  • Generation of “xml” files with ISO 20022 (Payroll payments, Payments to Suppliers and Collections to Clients).
  • Work in any currency without having to convert, or deliver your balances immediately in any currency even if you do not have it until a few minutes before.
  • And others such as: Inventory Amortizations, Budgetary Situations, Ratios, Cost Ratios, Balance Sheet Consolidations, Weighted Average Balances, Average Period of Payments to Suppliers, …

Works are loves and not good words we attach examples extracted from the Allar Manual