It is intended to reward the best idea “not contemplated” in current Hotel Software (PMS / SHMS)

AEDH and Class One Group

They want to reward the best innovation idea that should be included in the usual procedures of the Management of your Hotel or Hotel Chain. The jury will be participated by hotel experts of recognized solvency (see members of the jury at the end of the news), which guarantees a maximum level of transparency and professionalism. The award will be presented during the AEDH gala dinner, at which time the winner will be announced. This award also consists of recognition by both the AEDH and Class One Group in all the social networks in which they participate, in
  • The inclusion in Smart Seven Stars of Class One, whenever technically possible and will be free for all current Class One customers.
  • One year free of Hotel management systems ( Smart Seven Stars ), CWM (Customer Web Mobile), StarPOS ( POS’s) and StarEcon (warehouses), including installation, initial training and free maintenance during that year.
    • If the Hotel is greater than or equal to 200 rooms, it must be installed on its own server or on a Cloud contracted by the Hotel.
    • If the Hotel is less than 200 rooms, it will be hosted for free in the “cloud” or if you wish it can be mounted on your own server (Linux CentOs 7) in the hotel
  • From the second year , if you wish to continue:
    • If you wish to continue with the Maintenance / Updates service, a maintenance cost will always be lower than € 600/month, depending on the characteristics of the winning Hotel
    • If you do not want to continue with Maintenance service, you can continue using the “for life” program and you would only have to pay the accommodation fee in the “cloud” or transfer it to the provider of the hotel.
Contest clauses
  • Current Class One hotels-clients will not be able to participate
  • Any hotel and / or chain or hotel consultant, both in Spain and in LatAm will be eligible for the contest
  • In case the winner is a chain, you must decide which hotel in the chain is awarded the prize
  • In the event that the winning idea is from a Consultant, you may choose the Hotel you indicate.
  • All the ideas received can be used by Class One to include them in the improvement of its systems, being totally free for all Class One clients.
  • The winning idea will also be used and incorporated into the Smart Seven Stars , provided that it is technically feasible and 100% free to current Class One customers.
  • The jury will be participated by hotel experts of recognized solvency.
  • The contest begins on the day of publication of this news and its end on October 25, 2,021 at 9:00 p.m. (Madrid time).
  • Ideas and / or procedures should be documented as best as possible, including figures, graphics, icons, …, and should be addressed to
  • If any of the ideas were contemplated in Smart Seven Stars , you will be personally informed (by email) of how it is done, and will not proceed to the next stage.
  • Those ideas that are considered to benefit the sector may be published, as well as of course the winner.
  • All the jurors will receive the emails with the ideas / suggestions …, that have been received, and they will be evaluated using a scoring template.

Thanks to Manuel Vegas (President of AEDH ) for his enormous collaboration


Morey Pérez Intriago (Vicepresidente de la AEDH), Jorge Álvarez Diéguez (Presidente País Vasco AEDH), Ramon Adillon (Dirección de Alojamiento y Calidad Hotelera en Paradores), Ramón Braña Cobas (Director Escuela de Negocios IFFE), Alberto Corredera (IT Director Room Mate Hotels), Roberto Sanchez Jimenez (YieldPlanet Head of Spain&LATAM), Javier Pet   (Emprendedor sector hostelero), Pau Rivera Gabás (CEO Dataria), Miguel Marcos (Deputy General Manager Sunset Beach Club), José Rodríguez Esteban (Director Financiero TMC), Rafael Luque (Empresario hotelero y de restauración), Daniel Badenas Orts (CEO & Cofounder en BeWorkLive), Alberto (CEO Partee), Juan Carlos Tamayo Guerrero (Owner Hotel Del Carmen), Paul Chavez Cavero Egusquiza (Experto Hotelero – Perú), Janet Reid  (Consultora en Administración y Maximización de Ingresos – Panamá), Diego Castro (Director ejecutivo en GHP Perú),


Manuel Vegas Lara (Presidente de la AEDH) y Javier Sabariz Torre (Presidente & CEO Class One Group),