(I) Working "remote" is no longer a choice.

Class One, “Your future is our present”, anticipated the unforeseen, why?

Dear member of the Hotel and Restaurant world

We are all experiencing turbulent times in the hospitality sector and from Class One we give you a brief summary of what is already happening and what is going to happen with good news!

What happen?

Most of the computer systems that are currently in use are obsolete because they do not comply with the necessary instructions to avoid infections, both because they involve waiting at counters when checking and when paying because we cannot pay from our own mobile . The use of banknotes as well as paper is clearly dangerous both because you have COVID-19 without knowing it and because you are infected by the plastics or papers that we move.

Don’t let your clients’ journey turn into a nightmare

The hotel must be a space that offers the same guarantees as your home with the advantages of comfort and service that their accustomed customers have. From our Customer Web Mobile we can manage your business with the participation of customers to avoid as much as possible the physical contacts that now concern us and that from now on can be a reality on a day-to-day basis

Your highest priority now is to provide the best possible service to customers with the maximum safety for their health and at the same time prepare to overcome the crisis and continue with your business for when society returns to normal.

We want to thank you for all the support and positivity that we have received from many of you. Now many of the hotels will need help to change their systems, so our Customer Service team is working hard to help and assist these cases, however, they are days of high demand, with which there are some delays . We also thank you for your patience and consideration.

What will happen now?

At Class One we work hard to be a company that makes it easy for the hospitality world to enjoy and facilitate both face-to-face and remote management; We want your company to dare to challenge the established and to allow its committed employees to be together in their positions to work every day both remotely and in person with the maximum guarantees.

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